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Sony uwraps gaming goodness

Oct 26, 2011

By Daniel Barron & John Powell - G4 Canada

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If Sony's Holiday show was any indication, Santa's sack is gonna be full this December. With titles for the PS3 and yet to be released PlayStation Vita, Sony flooded the scene with releases to satisfy any and every gamer.

Sony uwraps gaming goodnessHere are our highlights of the show:

Rocksmith - With both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises falling far from their respective pedestals in recent months, it seems now is the perfect time for a game like Rocksmith to make its debut.

Rocksmith takes the tried and true gameplay of those aforementioned series, but adds a real guitar to the mix, not a fake plastic axe with a few buttons and a complete lack of strings.

Despite a DJ blaring music to one side of me, and a helpful PR person giving me verbal instructions through a headset, I was able to successfully get through the fantastic Black Keys track "Next Girl". The game starts everyone off at the same "easy" difficulty level regardless of whether or not you've been playing a guitar for a decade, or have never even heard the word "fret".

You start off playing on one string, but the game constantly adjusts difficulty on the fly; if you're doing really well, more strings and notes are added, but if you continually miss cues, you'll stick with the basics.

It's difficult to judge how good the game is at teaching considering I only had the chance to try a few songs, but I was definitely intrigued by the finished product. This is something music fans - especially those who want to become the next Eric Clapton or Slash - will want to keep their eye out for.

Sony uwraps gaming goodness LittleBigPlanet - Playstation Vita - Sackboy is back and this time he is on Sony newest handheld gaming system: the PlayStation Vita. At the 2011 Sony Holiday Show, we got a sneak peak and a hands-on preview of how the latest 'LittleBigPlanet' release will function on the Vita. The basic premise remains the same with the player steering Sackboy through a gauntlet of platforming and puzzle challenges.

Things are a bit different on the Vita though. Using the touch screen, you are able to manipulate the elements such as sliding a pirate ship along a rail, playing a piano, firing a slingshot or touching, moving puzzle pieces around. The rear touch pad also comes into play as you punch out pieces or push in buttons.

Players will be able to create this own levels and share them with others on the PlayStation Network as well as download any of the previous ones as well. You can use the touch-screen to edit your levels and all the creation tools from 'LittleBigPlanet 2' will be available in the Vita installment.

Sony uwraps gaming goodness Twisted Metal - Sony had a LAN setup at the holiday event to show off the multiplayer mayhem available in the newest Twisted Metal title. Despite having only one control setup available (when was the last time you used the 'X' button to accelerate?), it was mere minutes before I was blasting vehicles away in a VIP-esque game type.

This game is the furthest thing from a racing simulator, and is extremely easy to control. Quick 180-degree turns are easy to pull off, and the level I played had plenty of relatively wide open spaces, though the action was never too far away.

Shooting plays as big a part in this game as driving, but there's an automatic lock-on feature with every vehicle, so you won't be struggling with simultaneously steering and aiming with pinpoint accuracy. Though it seems most, if not all, weapons have limited ammo, there's plenty of guns and other powerups peppered generously throughout the maps.

Sony uwraps gaming goodness I try several vehicles, and although I was immediately drawn to Sweet Tooth and his ice cream truck because of past Twisted Metal games, the vehicle was far too slow for my liking. The smaller cars are a lot more fun.

I'm not sure what's planned for the single player campaign in the new Twisted Metal, but judging by how quickly I was able to get into the multiplayer, I have high hopes for the online destruction that will be available to players in 2012.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Barron - With limited time left at the event, I had to choose only one of the two campaign sections of Uncharted 3 being shown off. I opted for the cargo plane level, and if this is anything to judge the rest of the campaign by, gamers are in for a real treat come November when this title is released (as if you didn't already know that).

The demo was split up into several small sections, but all of them felt like they were taken straight out of a AAA action movie. Lots of close-ups and cameras zooming in, plenty of death-defying moments with Drake hanging off all sorts of things, and a good mix of gunplay and melee action. Anyone who was a fan of Uncharted 2 will love Drake's Deception, there's absolutely no doubt about that.

There's very little that was changed between the second game and Uncharted 3 in terms of gameplay, but considering how rock-solid "Among Thieves" was, that's probably a good thing.

I can't wait to see what else Uncharted 3 does with the cinematic gameplay I've seen so far.

Sony uwraps gaming goodness Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Powell - Sackboy is not the only familiar face to return to the PlayStation 3 this holiday season. Everyone's favourite razor-tongued adventurer: Nathan Drake returns in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Playing several levels, we can say that Uncharted 3 will definitely be on many of Santa's wish lists. Uncharted 3 has Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan searching for a legendary lost city.

Of the levels on display at the show, the runway/airport scenario was by far the greatest at capturing those Indiana Jones moments we all love to play. Chasing down a taxing plane, Drake fights off baddies, leaps onto a speeding jeep, dives onto the front landing gear and hangs on for dear life as the plane takes off. Absolutely thrilling stuff and stunning graphics sound as well. We cannot wait until November as from what we experienced; Uncharted 3 is a solid Game of the Year candidate.

Sony uwraps gaming goodness Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest - I like to call this game "God of War for kids". And though it's clearly aimed more towards younger players, "Deadmund's Quest" is sure to keep even adults interested - honestly!

The booth attendant demo'ing the game described it as a mix of all the games available in Sports Champions - and that had me instantly interested because of how much of a fan I am of Sport Champions.

Sure enough, you'll be shooting arrows, throwing projectiles, and a whole lot more. I started from the beginning of the game, and after a brief tutorial, I was making my way throw a castle teeming with skeletons and other baddies. It's an on-rails game, so all the player has to worry about is killing enemies, finding hidden items, and grappling up the occasional wall.

Most of the actual gameplay is a lot of fun, though my only worry is the projectile throwing aspect. There's a lot of ninja-star throwing throughout the level I play through, and sometimes it's really tough hitting enemies with the pinpoint precision the game demands. I can see some youngsters getting quite frustrated by this, so hopefully an easy-aim option will be made available for beginners (or the easily-frustrated folks such as myself). Overall though, I was thoroughly surprised by Deadmund's Quest.

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