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iPod Touch - An iPhone Sans Phone

October 9, 2007

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gaziní - G4 Canada

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the iPod Touch.  Thin, slim.While it's no secret that it may still be a while until the Apple iPhone is "officially" available in Canada, Apple has released a new iPod, the iPod Touch. This latest offering, a radical departure from the traditional click wheel model, has many of the features, including the look and feel of the iPhone of course sans phone and sans camera.

At a quick glance, they could pass for identical twins but after careful examination you'll see that they are not exactly the same. The iPod Touch measures 110mm x 61mm x 8 mm and weighs in at 120 grams while it's faux twin is 5mm shorter, 3.6mm thinner and 10% lighter. There are also some other cosmetic differences as well.

Like the iPhone

Like the iPhone, it has built-in Wi-Fi (wireless 802.11b/g Internet) capabilities, Safari, Apple's Internet browser, and a YouTube interface. It does not however have built-in Bluetooth so if you want to use a wireless headset, you'll need a Bluetooth adapter.

You can navigate with your finger via it's on-screen keyboard. It also features Apple's patented Multi-Touch allowing you to use your fingers to navigate the plethora of options like Cover Flow that gives you the ability to browse your collection by flipping through the virtual album covers to select the song you want to play.

the iPod Touch.  Oooo pretty...It uses the same 3.5" widescreen capable of displaying 480 x 320 pixel resolution. You can view you pictures in a portrait (tall) or landscape (wide) mode, changing the orientation on the fly by simply tilting the iPod engaging it's accelerometer. Dark room or bright outdoors, fear not grasshopper, the built-in ambient light sensor will automatically adjust to give you just the right viewing experience. Naturally, the iPod Touch can store music, photos and videos but unlike the iPhone, you can output your photos and videos to a TV or other external video source.

Both the iPhone and the iPod Touch come with a polish cloth, something you'll need to keep their surfaces clean. To keep them upright, the iPhone does have a dock that double as a charger, but the iPod Touch only has a stand.

Buy Music Wirelessly

The wireless capabilities of the iPod Touch allows you to connect to the iTunes music store, browse sample and buy your favorite music without attaching your iPod to your computer. And coming soon to a Starbucks near you will be free wi-fi and the ability to visit your local Starbucks and have the option of buying the music that you are listening to right in the store right from your iPod Touch. Did I tell you that you could get free wi-fi? Did I tell you that that the wi-fi will only allow you to connect to the iTunes music store? Good Grief!

There are 2 models different by only their capacities of 8GB ($329), which allows you to hold 1750 songs, 10,000 photos and 10 hours of video. The 16GB ($449) model of course has double those capacities.

the iPod Touch with docking stationiPhone or iTouch?

The iPhone will eventually (officially) make it here, so one begs the question iPhone or iTouch? In the US, the iPod touch models sell for $299 and $399 respectively and the iPhone 8GB at $399. (Canadian prices are of now out of whack because of the dollar's parity, but that's just an aside)

The question is, assuming a similar pricing structure in Canada, 16GB iPod touch or an 8GB iPhone? For me, it's the iPhone. Even comparing 8GB models, $100 for a camera and a phone. What do you think? If I want lots of music, I can always buy a 160GB iPod Classic. But who knows what the phone will look like let alone sell for by the time it gets north of the 49th parallel. In the meantime if you want to play, the iPod Touch is the way.



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