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iPod Attire – the iGift Guide

November 26, 2007

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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It’s one thing to want to protect your iPod, it’s another thing to make sure it looks good. Here are a few ideas to top up that holiday stocking with iPod attire for that special person – it could be you!

Signature for Shuffle

As tiny as the iPod Shuffle is, there’s always a way to dress it up for the road. Case-Mate has their Signature line of iPod shuffle cases for only $10.99. For a teeny investment, let your shuffle snuggle up to form fitting Italian Pepplestone Napa leather. Magnifico! It comes in 7 colours, which include Peony Pink, Bahama Blue, Baja Orange and 4 others. A best of show winner at MacWorld Expo, this case is a tiny gem for your shuffle, which also comes with a keychain attachment.


iPod Attire: ICEWARETouched by Silicone

If you couldn’t wait for the iPhone and opted to get the new iPod Touch, the last thing you’d want to do is hide this delightful piece of electronic eye candy, but sometimes you do need to be practical. But fear not grasshopper, you do not need to compromise. The answer is ICEWEAR for iPod Touch by TUNEWEAR. This creative innovation is made of a high-density transparent silicone, the same material found in many diving masks. For only $29.95, it fits snugly to your iPod and its patented rib design allows you to grip it nicely. It will protect your iPod from your worst enemy – You, in case you bump or drop it. As an added bonus, it’s also washable. You wouldn’t want to cover the touch surface with silicone, so the ICEWEAR ships with TUNEFILM, a clear piece of protective film designed to protect the surface from scratches.


iPod Attire: California RollCalifornia Roll

This offering from Griffin Technology sounds more sushi than a storage sleeve for your iPod. Made from high-tech synthetic material, it features 3 pockets to carry your iPod accessories, like earphones, adapter and Soy Sauce. While it doesn’t have the room for chopsticks, it does have a built-in elastic band to secure your iPod and all the goodies. It sells for $19.99 and is available for 13 different iPod models and the iPhone, which makes 14, if you’re one of the lucky half-dozen people in Canada to actually have one.


Ruggedized Sweat Proof

If you are the clumsy type and really don’t want to admit it, perhaps you’re the outdoorsy sort who needs a case that can be rough and tough, then check out iNR – Ruggedized Sweat Proof Case for iPod Nano from h20audio. For $39,99 you can get this tough case made of polycarbonate plastic that allows you to click through your tunes even with your gloves on. It features a dual-locking slider system to keep the water out and has an armband and a removable belt clip to boot.


iPod Attire: iPod SocksYes, They’re Socks

Don’t count Apple out when it comes to accessories. Apple’s idea for a case is the Apple iPod Socks. For $39 on-line from, you get 6 bright coloured knit socks: green, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink. (Sorry, no matching pairs) Each sock is compatible with, or fits all iPod models except or the shuffle. They are supposed to keep your iPod cozy. Maybe so, but I’d be careful about dropping them or putting them in the laundry.


Knit Your Own

If 6 bright colour socks is just too much for you to handle, maybe you want to make your own – maybe not a sock, but a knitted iPod cover. If you want to learn how, just watch Rachel on YouTube. Or better yet, if your Aunt Bea threatens to knit you yet another sweater, send her to YouTube and ask her to knit you an iPod Cover instead.


iPod Attire: Wired iPod CaseUsedTube

If you are on a very tight budge and want to truly eco-friendly, Charlie Sorel from the Gadget Labs gives you step-by-step instructions, including where to find the perfect template for creating your own personal travel case for your iPod nano with an old bicycle inner tube. Think of it as creative re-Cycling.


Greg Gazin can be reached at gadgetguy “at” telus “dot” net.

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