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Picture Yourself with a Quikpod

Nov 12, 2008

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gaziní - G4 Canada

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How often have you returned from your travel destination only to discover that very few of the pictures have you in them? If we travel and want pictures of ourselves, unless we have really long arms or can shapeshift like Elasticman or rely on the kindness of strangers we often leave our destination without a photo of without ourselves in it.

Now as far ask asking for help, more often than not, you’ll get it, but you also run a risk, albeit a small one, it’ll be the last time you’ll see your camera. There are also others. While at Mount Rushmore, this past summer, I couldn’t return home without having my mug in the same photos as the great Presidents. A fellow traveler holding his own camera neglected to adorn the wrist with ceremonial wrist strap when he held mine and let gravity take my little pic-shooter 4 feet to the ground. Luckily, except for a little scuff the camera was unharmed.

Duct Tape Doesn’t Work

Duct taping your camera to a broomstick, might look silly and work in a pinch but fat chance it’ll fit in your checked luggage or get past airport security.

So after being tired of asking strangers to take pictures while on vacation with his family inventor and Toronto-based Canadian entrepreneur  Wayne Fromm came up with a brilliant idea. Why not design a gadget that can take the pain of taking of taking self –portraits?

Now Fromm is no newbie to inventing gadgets. He’s invented over 50 of them including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Magic Talking Mirror.

Hand Held Tripod

The result: QuikPod. Quite simply, it’s an extendable hand held tripod with a standard tripod thread mount.  It’s lightweight, only 3.5 oz and made of industrial strength polycarbonate and machined aluminum parts. It’s 7.5” long and extends out to 18.5”.


It’s a snap to use. All you have to do is attach your camera and adjust the angle and lock it in.  Then, set the timer on your camera, extend the unit, keeping it at eye level using the convex mirror attached to it as a guide and voila. So smart!  Too bad I didn’t think of it and many of you are thinking the same.

Many Other Uses

While at first it seemed great to be able to do self-portraits, I discovered that it had quite a number of other useful features. First of all, not only you can use it for pictures, but also for video as well. You can attach it to a camera or a camcorder. In fact any device that uses a standard tripod thread mount.

You can use it to take shots in hard to reach places like in your attic or under a table or car without getting on a ladder or on your hands and knees. Also, being only 5’8” it’s great for taking pictures or shooting video without getting the back of the head of the 6’6” guy standing right in front of you at a concert.


While it does have a mirror at its far end, the mount’s angle can be adjusted, but the mirror doesn’t move with it. So at first, I found at it took a little trial and error especially with the self-portraits or shooting overhead to make sure that you had not only the right elevation, but the right angle. But it didn’t take long.

Priced at only US$24.95 the QuikPod Deluxe Kit comes complete with Quik Pod ®, carry bag, hiking clip, pocket clip and wrist strap.

Quik Pod® Pro+ Kit (includes the above) and adapter legs to allow  it to function like a stand-up tripod only US$29.95
A stainless steel version of this model, suitable for hiking only extends to 38.5 in is also available at $24.95.


QuikPod DSLR

Not all cameras are getting smaller. We are seeing more and more people buying Digital SLR Cameras. These cameras are fairly heavy compared to point and shoot cameras.

For this application, you need QuikPod DSLR. It can handle cameras up to 2 pounds in weight. Its reach goes from 18” to a whopping 53 inches yet only weighs 9oz.

It’s a little more heavy-duty than it’s baby brother. In this version they resolved the mirror issue by mounting it on the tilt making it more functional for self-positioning.

In addition it has a quick release camera mount, as found on many traditional tripods as well as a rubber an end-cap adapter to allow you to convert the QuickPod DSLR to a Monopod.

QuikPod DSLR sells as a kit for US$49.95 or you can buy both the QuikPod and QuikPod DSLR for US$69.90 –  a better value and since you never know which one you’ll need for an extra $20 get both.

It makes a great gift as well as a stocking stuffer.

For more info visit the quikPod website.

Greg Gazin, The Gadget Guy can be reach as gadgetguy “at” Telus “dot” net


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