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Greg's G4 Random Gadget Holiday Gift Picks

Nov 28, 2008

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gaziní - G4 Canada

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So many gadgets, so little time. With all the cool nifty things out there here’s 4 gadgets that would make great holiday gifts.

Swivel DVD To Go

Swivel DVD To GoToshiba SDP901SK – Portable DVD player ($199) Now if you’re like me you probably have at least a half dozen DVD players plus all the ones in your computer – but for the avid road warrior who opts to leave the laptop at home and prefers something bigger than an iPod, this is one to consider. It has a 9” 16:9 (640x220) widescreen display with a unique swivel display, which allows adjustment not only forward and back, but side to side. This can be quite handy on a plane or in a car.

It plays virtually all format types including DivX 6. It runs on AC, DC car power and battery, all supplied, which the manufacture claims will last 5 hours. It ships with a slim remote control and supports dual headphones. Visit Toshiba Canada’s webiste for more details.



Caffeine Resistant  Camera

Caffeine Resistant CameraCaffeine Resistant CameraMy pick for a pocket sized Digital camera would be the Canon Powershot IS1100 Digital Elph.($199) With a name like Elph, it may be small in size but not in features. It’s an 8 Megapixel Camera with a 3x optical zoom.  Well lots of cameras have these specs. What makes this one stand out of the crowd is its face detection with white balance function as well as Canon’s new motion detection technology.

With Canon’s face detection technology, instead of focusing in on the centre of the photo, the system is designed to identify faces. Once it does it detects the skin tone of the subject and adjusts the white balance. This will help the skin look more natural even in difficult lighting conditions. Motion detection is not to look for intruders in your home but rather to detect camera shake which usually happens in both low light conditions and when you zoom in from far. It’s also awesome for an ultra caffeinated gadget guy like me.

At less than $200, it comes in 5 colours including Rhythm & Blue, Swing Silver, Pink Melody, Bohemian Brown and Golden Tone. If you’re not sure, see what superstar Avril Lavigne is shooting with at a special Canon website to find out how you too can shoot like a star. You can also find out more about this de-caf camera at Canon Canada’s website

Canadian Battery Juicer Booster

Canadian Battery Juicer BoosterHave you ever thought – “Batteries and I have a very interesting relationship, the sad thing is that they never last – but it’s not always my fault”.  In reality, today’s gadgets not only click; they slice and dice and really push their batteries to the max.

If you are a member of my club or have a loved one who does, think of adding the Ecosol PowerStick to the stocking on the fireplace. The PowerStick V2 will not only power your gadgets, the ones that run on 5 Volts,  but as a recharger it can also rejuice their batteries.  Not much larger than a USB thumb drive or a package of Juicy Fruit, it powers your devices by attaching it using one of the 9 adapters it ships with. It works on most recent cellphone models, PDAs as well as your BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod. To recharge the PowerStick, simply plug it into any computer with a USB port or a compatible USB charger and in less than 90 minutes you’re fully recharged. If you carry around gadgets the PowerStick will make a great companion for them. It retails for $69.99. And yes, it’s made in Canada, Eh!

Funky Shaver

Funky ShaverHolidays are always a great time to buy someone a new shaver – ok, maybe not. But this is not just a shaver, it’s a Moisturizing shaving system for Men and it’s truly a gadget! Made by Philips, the Nivea for Men Moisturizing shaving system - Cool Skin HS8040 ($109-$209) can be used in or out of the shower. What’s unique about this unit is that Nivea moisturizing cream is injected into the handle of the shaver and is dispensed through the dual rotating blades onto your skin, conditioning your face and avoiding the dreaded razor burn rash. And instead of your face conforming to the razor, the Flex Tracking system automatically tracks to the curves of your face. It avoids the skin’s destruction we’re used to and creating an experience out of a usually dreaded morning ritual. It also comes with a precision tube trimmer that attaches to the unit to touch up your moustache and sideburns.  It’s funky design and innovation makes for a practical yet cool gift for your loved one. Visit  Philips for more information.

Prices shown are either suggested retail price or direct pricing from vendor sites. Check out your favourite store, on-line retailer or holiday flyers to get the best bang for your buck!


Greg Gazin can be reached at gadgetguy “at” telus “dot” net.


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