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Balanzza – The Real Swiss Army Knife of Weighing Things

April 9, 2009

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Balanzza 2I’m not in the habit of weighing things, especially myself, but between Airlines offering to lighten your wallet if you’re luggage is a feather over the limit and eBay – no need to elaborate here, a handy weighing contraption capable of accurately predicting your poundage is certainly welcome in my arsenal.

Back before Christmas, I included the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale (US$24.95) as one of my top picks as a stocking stuffer for the avid traveler. And more recently, on a segment of CityTV Breakfast Television Edmonton, I demonstrated how easy to use and useful it could be.  I was impressed and a little surprised by the amount of attention such a simple gadget could attract.

 Digital Luggage Scale

In a nutshell, the Balanzza is a hand-held, portable Digital Luggage Scale that can weigh things up to 44KG 100lbs. You simply wrap the luggage clasp around your suitcase; turn it on, lift, hold for a moment and wait for the beep. Voila – a digital readout in your choice of pounds or kilograms. Used once it could save you the outrageous weight overages at the airport.

But a scale is a scale, so why restrict it to just luggage? I actually read that a fisherman was using it to weigh fish.  I’d hate to be his luggage handler J  In my attempt, I knotted the plastic bag of 10lbs of potatoes and found out I only rec’d 9.7.  The challenge I had was that unless you had a handle or something that the luggage loop clasp could wrap itself around, it would be hard to secure the item and then lift it.

Balanzza 2Weighs Anything – Almost

So the folks at Balanzza heard the cry of the masses, the eBay sellers  and the fisherman and created attachments the Balanzza Strapz and the Balanzza Harnezz. that made the Balanzza Ergo even more useful than before.

Both attachments are made of a strong Stop-Rip Nylon. The Strapz is a pair of harness loops that can be attached in a parallel fashion around traditional shipping boxes. It’s 1” wide and 78” in overall length. This item is ideal for sellers on eBay.

Balanzza 2The Harnezz, is more of a catch-all attachment. Almost looks like a mini-hammock. It’s designed to be able to weigh loose things – rocks, shoes, boxes, books and I guess even fish – if they are wrapped up so as not to dirty the nylon. It’s 32” long and 16.6” at its widest point. The weight limitation is 50lbs(22KG) whist the Strapz can take the full load of the scale of 100LBS or 44KG.

Both these attachments certainly expand the usefulness of the scale. Each attachments retails for US9.95, but Balanzza is offering some pretty nice bundles – both for US$12.99 or with the Ergo for US$33.95.  There are all kinds of mix and match bundles. See the Balanzza store for details.

One final note - there is a disclaimer – do not try to weight animals (live ones I assume), babies or children – I guess fish are exempt. And of course be careful not to hurt your back.


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