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Three Fine Mice

Feb 4, 2009

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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With all the input devices we have for our computer, people still seem to love the mouse and as a result every year we seem to get a new breed hitting the market. We offer up a fine selection of just 3 of the latest “mice” that can be enjoyed from the pleasure of your desktops.

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic MouseMulti-touch – the ability to use gestures is standard fare on the iPhone and the track pad of Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup.  But what if you have a desktop? What if you prefer to use a mouse? Well Apple has listened and has created the Magic Mouse –($69) a mouse with the same multitouch capabilities as the trackpad.  You can click, scroll – vertically horizontally and even diagonally and swipe – controlled by a chip contained inside its body. And it’s fully customizable via your System Preferences. 

Apple Magic Mouse has a smooth slightly curved and seamless top shell. Overall, it has a very low profile and sleek design that might take a little getting used to but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll love it.

It’s wireless runs on 2AA batteries and pairs nicely to your Mac via Bluetooth so no extra dongles are needed. You will need to be running at least Mac OS X 10.5.8 to use it.  It’s also now included if you buy an iMac.


Jelfin Gel Mouse

Jelfin Gel MouseIt’s not a space alien and it's not a ball, it's a high-tech high-touch gel-covered USB mouse, shaped like a sphere. This new product from Jelfin (US$ 34.95) is totally embodied in a thermoplastic elastomer soft-touch gel.

And because of its non-traditional mouse shape, instead of totally extending your fingers as you would do with a typical 2-button mouse, the user would clasp or the surface of the ball creating less pressure in the wrist.

Its surface is silver grey with colour options for the base, scroll wheel and USB connector. Colours include Cobalt Blue, Crimson Red, Cadmium Yellow and Pink (with no descriptive).  This mouse has a tail – a 5ft attached USB cable – so sorry, it’s not wireless.

Its system requirements are minimal (Windows 95 and Mac OS9). It also comes a travel can. For a limited time offer, the company is offering the mouse with a can, cover and free shipping.


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000Keeping with the theme of almost, but not quite life-saver flavours – everyone wants and like their own colour is Microsoft’s Mobile Mouse 4000 ($49.95). This small, compact mouse, ideal for carrying around with your notebook or netbook is available in teal blue, berry pink, lime green, graphite, and white. Its claim to fame is its proprietary Bluetrack technology – the ability to operate on virtually any surface including granite and carpet and is supposedly superior to an optical or a laser-based mouse.

Its wireless USB and connects to your Mac or PC using a tiny nano receiver operating on the 2.4Ghz frequency, which can be stored on the underside of the mouse when not in use.  It runs on a single AA battery, rated at an ambitious 10 months of life. It’s ideal for traditional mouse users who preferred the tried and true. It has a low battery indicator and a Windows “flip” button for Windows 7 users to allow them to easily switch between open windows. It’s ambidextrous design allows it to be usually equally with right or left-handed users.

So is it time for new mice in your life?


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