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PIk's Revenge – A Miner Detail!

Mar 2, 2010

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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How would you feel if one day you were just working your everyday day job and out of the blue, your planet is pummeled on by series of explosions?

For Pik a humble miner from Dustbucket-5– a mind-your-own- business kinda guy, this is more than just a bad day. He survives the weapons of mass destruction (hmm that sounds familiar), but his life has now been thrown into turmoil.

But Pik wants answers and so he embarks on a series of quests, which in turn leads to the ultimate destination.  But it’s not only TRUTH, he seeks, it’s also REVENGE!

Pik’s Revenge, by Fluik Entertainment Inc. is a side-to-side single person RPG (Role Playing Game), slightly reminiscent of Rags to Riches, (Commodore 64 circa 1985). But unlike titles from yesteryear, this one features incredible hand- illustrated graphics, with day and nighttime animated scenes, intense colours and a cool soundtrack.

Quest Log

Pik's RevengeYou start by selecting the difficulty of play – Easy, Normal & Hard. Of course, you play Pik. A “Quest Log” guides you through your day advising you what your next tasks would be. Some are serious like looking for a character named Sok and intuitive like returning a repaired robot to the ticket vendor and others not so much. You may be asked to collect plant food to feed plants that have been “rumored” to be suffering from malnutrition. Others might bring up an ethical dilemma like returning a found watch to its rightful owner or choosing to sell it.

While there is no hurry to finish, a time factor does come into play. Certain jobs require you to visit locales like Future Shack, Little Ore House and Superstorium – these sound vaguely familiar – possible advertising opportunities? I digress.  But not every place is open 24 hours. They have to be open to go in.  If you try to go through a closed door you’ll get kicked out.

And along the way you can pick up things you find -like picks, and ore that you can turn in for gold and a running shoe that gives you turbo speed, just to name a few. But like in real life, you can only gather up so much.

Health goes down as you play – but you can sleep at the Overnight Cubicle and eat things like Zimbits and pay for it with your gold.

Explore New Worlds

Pik's RevengeThe more jobs you do and quests you complete, the more experience you gain. You explore new worlds and meet more of the planet locals.

Some are friendly and some seem indifferent -like the Purple guys who appear to be constantly walking aimlessly with no apparent purpose.

But you can’t have any fun without the bad guys. Be weary of Venus EyeTrap. Use your pick to ward him off, jump into an open door or dive into a dumpster. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in a whole lot of “goo”. Watch for ISO termites that ambush you and steal your gold and Plasma Clouds that empty your pockets -but you can protect yourself with anti-static spray.

Compelling Story

This is not a super-duper fast paced game, some might even find it somewhat repetitive in nature, but personally I found it quite addictive, playing it for hours on end. And at times when things felt monotonous, I’d put it down for a while, only to pick it up again feeling like Captain Kirk, wanting to explore new civilizations – and to boldly go…

It’s because it has such a compelling story; I want to see it through all the way to the end. Pik is such a lovable character – you feel sorry for him and truly want him to succeed but also wonder what new aliens and secrets lie ahead.


Two Versions, Three Episodes

Pik's RevengeThere is a free version that gives you a limited run of the game. Frankly I’d forget about it and go right to the pay version. For a mere $2.99, you get the original game, plus the second episode.

Episode 2 takes Pik to Rustrivet-6 and a lot more exploration. Of course, you’ll still need to work. There will be 40 new jobs, along with 50 new quests. Pik has also embraced FaceBook, to keep his friends – whoever and wherever they may be, updated on the status of his quests.

I’ve also just discovered that Episode 3 is on its way- although I’m still way behind. This time Pik goes under, but not into a mineshaft, but to the depths of the seas to an ocean planet with 4 sub aquatic levels to explore and of course filled with new quests, new jobs, new aliens and new truths.  Will Pik finally get his revenge? Well I guess it’s up to you.

There is very little not to like about Pik’s Revenge.   There are many status indicators, which could make the screen seem somewhat crowded, but of course there is only so much real estate.  This will certainly look nice on the Apple iPad.

It does have a tutorial, but I would have liked to see a little more explanation on some of the tools – some of which I had to discover by trial and error, or by speaking with Evan Adnams at Fusedlogic, who is marketing the game.

And while you can get ripped-off and gooed, the play is not overly violent and you can’t really die, making it suitable for audiences of all ages.

This is the first game for Edmonton, Alberta Canada-based Fluik Entertainment and it looks like a real home run.  If this is indicative of the kind of work they can do, they have a bright future ahead for them – unless rockets come down from the sky and pummel them! :)

Pik’s Revenge FREE and Pik’s Revenge Episode 2 ($2.99) requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with OS 3.0 and is available from Apple App store.

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