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Dressing Up Your iPad 2

Mar 30, 2011

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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With the new and improved iPad 2 hitting the Canadian market, it opens the doors to some real cool and innovative accessories. And whether your interests lay in fun, fashion or just good old solid protection, there's nothing more important than keeping your new iPad 2 well-dressed for any occasion. 

iPad Dress Up Apple Smart Cover

First up to bat is the Apple iPad Smart Cover .  As its name implies, it's not a case but neither is it just a cover - it's a smart cover designed to protect that beautiful 9.7" LED-backlit glossy widescreen. It conveniently attaches to your iPad 2 with 2 magnetic hinges. No muss or fuss. You simply wave your smart cover in close proximity to the left edge of your iPad 2 and it will find, automatically line up and clip in nicely, like a match made in heaven.

Smart Cover is multipurpose. Comprised of 4 panels, it can fold into a triangular wedge to keep your iPad 2 on an angle when typing or playing in landscape mode. If you need to keep your iPad 2 upright in portrait mode, perhaps while you're watching a movie, looking at photos or having a FaceTime call, you can do that too. It's also smart enough to be configured so it doesn't interfere with the iPad 2's cameras.

Just one more thing. Apple cleverly designed the Smart Cover, so when you lift it, your iPad 2 awakes and when you close it, the iPad goes to sleep.

There are 2 styles, 5 colours each; one made of polyurethane ($45) and the other leather aniline dyed Italian leather ($79) and is available at your favourite Apple Canada retailer or on-line . The iPad Smart Cover is ideal when you just need to protect your screen, use as a stand and don't have a need for a full-sized case.

iPad Dress Up Booqpad for iPad 2

If a folio style accessory is your idea of dressing up your iPad, consider a Booqpad for iPad 2 from Booqbags . It's designed to be configurable to keep your iPad 2 snugly tucked in along with an A5 note pad either on its right or its left. There is room for extra supplies:  a pen, perhaps a stylus, cash, notes and 2 slots for business cards.

They are available in 3 flavours. The first is ideal for the eco-friendly. It's duotone fabric woven with 100% recycled PET made from water bottles. It's available in sand/plum or grey/green inside/outside colour configurations.

The 2nd model, a little sportier, is made from durable leatherette with a weatherproof exterior.  It comes in black/grey and white/berry. Both models are also ideal for the budget conscious

And finally, for those that prefer to show off their iPad with a little more luxurious flair is their top line model made from Nappa leather and comes in a coffee/cream colour configuration.

The basic Booqpad sells for $49.95US with the Nappa leather model listing at $99.95US, available at many retailers or at the Booq Store (pardon the pun), on-line. Various specialty notepad refills are also available at $9.95US for a 3-pack.

iPad Dress Up Handstand 2

Even though the iPad 2 has shed a little mass compared to its predecessor, holding it in the palm of your hand for long periods of time can prove to be a challenge even for those blessed with an abundance of muscles.
Introducing Handstand 2 for iPad 2 . It doesn't jump up and down, but rather it allows you to hold the back of the iPad in the palm of your hand while it's nicely secured around your wrist.

While it attaches snug and secure, it's made of durable silicon designed to allow you to rotate your iPad freely with its built-in rotating disk. Turn it to landscape mode, portrait mode or even a full of 360-degree swivel.

It's ideal for people like healthcare professionals, order takers or even surveyors where keeping it not only steady in your palm for along periods of time, but keep it there and balancing in a steady fashion could be a skill-testing effort.

It's already out for the original iPad, but the latest version is on its way expected to be shipping in the first half of May 2011. The company is offering an incentive if you pre-order Handstand 2. You'll pay only $39.99, saving $10US off the regular price of $49.99US plus shipping. It'll come in black, white and pink.


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