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a-JAYS Four funky tangle-free earphones

July 27, 2012

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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a-JAYS Four funky tangle-free earphonesYour iPhone rings and you quickly answer it. You want to be hands-free so you reach for your earbuds but once again you have to fiddle and fumble and untangle them before you can actually plug them in to get to your call.

It's certainly a pain, no only for you, but also for your caller.

So Jays, a Swedish based company decided to create the a-JAYS Four, a set of earphones designed primarily for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that put an end to that endless problem. The solution was elementary, but cleverly executed - they made the cable flat; it's 5mm wide, quite flexible and won't tangle.

Multifunction In-line Remote

The a-JAYS-Four is more than simply tangle-free. To complement the iOS devices, it features a matching metallic finish and a black rubberized 3-button in-line remote with a 360-degree noise-canceling mic that maximizes the grip. The buttons are flat and convex with a nice soft touch feel - and functional too. The top and lower buttons control the volume, with the centre button doing a little multitasking. It can be use for answering, ending your call as well as declining your call and even flash-hook to switch to an incoming call. A-JAYS-Four also features music control including play, pause, fast-forward, backward and skip.  You can also use it to initiate voice control to dial your phone, control your music and yes, even ask for the time.

It takes a little while to get used to the centre button, but one you've mastered it, you'll need to look much less at your devices screen. It's handy, for example, when you are out for a walk on a cold day with your iPhone tucked away.

They certainly didn't cheap out on these. To ensure that the earphones fit snugly and yield the best sound while keeping out some of the ambient noise, they ship with washable noise isolating silicone sleeves in 5 different sizes.  They're comfortable to wear.  

They've also incorporated an L-shaped plug to minimize protrusion.

Optimized for Voice

It has a 16-Ohm 8.6mm driver with a frequency of 20-21,000Hz produces a nice crisp sound and had been carefully tweaked especially, likely in the mid-range frequencies for taking voice calls. As a result while the bass is present, it might not have all the punch when listening to certain songs, but you could simply adjust your EQ settings to compensate.

a-JAYS Four funky tangle-free earphones Overall, this is a nice little set of earphones that the designers really thought through. Some may find the wider cable a little heavier and might flop a bit if running and may take some getting used to.

The a-JAYS Four retails for $69.99 U.S., ships with a sturdy coated gift box and comes with a 24-month limited warranty. (12 months on cables and connectors). White is also available.

There is also another model, the a-JAYS One+ (one-button), $59.95 U.S., that will also work with iOS devices and is suitable for a wide-range of cellphones, including the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones but is most suited for Android and can be controlled with a free a-Jays Headset control app.

Greg Gazin can be reached at  gadgetguy "at" telus "dot" net , , or on Twitter @GadgetGreg

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