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Father's Day Gadgets ideal for any Dad

June 13, 2013

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Father's Day  Gadgets ideal for any DadThere are all kinds of Dads and Dads like all kinds of things, but these days it's tough to find one who doesn't like gadgets. So here are a few ideas to consider when selecting just the right gift for your perfect Dad, ranging from simple and nifty to right off-the charts.

Optrix XD5 Housing & Lens

If Father is a bit of a daredevil, consider getting him an Optrix XD5 iPhone 5. It transforms your device into a waterproof mount action camera.

It's a cool little shockproof rugged unibody housing in the form of a translucent polycarbonate shell that uses the same monocoque technology used to protect Formula 1 drivers.  It features a built-in 3-glass wide-angle lens to extends Dad’s iPhone's 120° field of view to 175° which could him yield him some incredible footage. It’s designed to resist a 30ft drop and is waterproof down to 33 feet. It has flat base and curved base mounts so Dad can attach it to any surface even his helmet.

The free Optrix VideoSport App will allows Dad to add telemetry to his videos, adjust frame rates for speed, adjust resolution for effect and lock the focus for a more stable result.

Optrix XD5 for iPhone 5 retails for $129.95. A similar model, the Optrix XD4 for iPhone 4/4S retails for $79.95. Both are available through Optrix.

Father's Day  Gadgets ideal for any Dad Crimson Eye RC Helicopter

For Dads who like to spend time outdoors, check out the Crimson Eye, by Swann. It's a remote control operated lightweight helicopter that's fun to fly and even better it has a special eye on the form of a built-in video camera allowing him to shoot 640x480 videos as it flies. And should Dad be admittedly a little clumsy in the coordinating department, that's okay, because Crimson Eye uses Easy-Fly Gyro Technology to help keep the helicopter stable and allowing it to fly in six different directions; left or right, up and down, and forwards and backwards. And Dad can control it with a fully featured handheld double joystick style remote control.

It stores video on the included 512MB microSD card but he can use cards up to 32GB in capacity. It runs on 6xAA batteries, not included, which will last 6-8 minutes on a charge, but it does includes a spare set of rotors in the event Dad has a little mishap while having lots of fun with it, even indoors. Crimson Eye retails for $79.99 and is available through Amazon.

HANDeBAND Handgrip for Mobile Devices

Father's Day  Gadgets ideal for any Dad If Dad likes walking around while looking at his iPhone, iPad, tablet or smartphone and sometimes, accidently drops it, then why not get Dad a one-finger or two-finger grip that attaches nicely to whatever he carts around. It’s called the HANDeBAND and it does just that.

It’s comfortable and usable on either hand, secures gadget nicely and is really easy to use. A base is applied to the back of the phone or tablet or its case then HANDeBAND slips right in. It conveniently rotates 360 degrees, so it can be used horizontally, vertically or any, which way; and, it can also double as a kickstand.

Each HANDeBAND kit comes with a single HANDeBAND and base fastener for mobile devices and a double-band and base fastener for an iPad, e-Reader or tablet.
It comes in either grey or black glossed flexible Urethane rubber or black or white tactical Santoprene rubber. Each model also comes in three different finger sizes to choose from. Small is for slender/thin fingers; Medium for average size and Large if Dad is a really big guy. A printable sizing chart can help you ensure you select the right one. HANDeBand 2-pack kit is $28.95 and is available from Handeband.

Father's Day  Gadgets ideal for any Dad Sharp AQUOS 60” 8-series 3D HDTV

At the other end of the spectrum, maybe you’re looking for the ultimate gadget for Dad’s man-cave or maybe something more suitable for the entire family to enjoy. Perhaps you’ll want check out the latest episodes of CSI, catch the Stanley Cup playoffs, enjoy Batman: The Dark Knight Rises on BluRay or maybe engage in Call of Duty, Black Opps II. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch it crisp new 3D HDTV?

The new Sharp Aquos LC-60LE857U with its 60” 1080p full-HD edge-lit 3D LED screen could be your answer. It features Sharps infamous Quattron technology, the extra yellow pixel for enhanced deep and more realistic colours. And having just finished watching Life of Pi, I can say that the Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger, couldn’t look any more realistic. Also with its 240Hz refresh rate and Aquomotion 960, I’m actually excited about watching hockey even though no Canadian teams remain, so I’m sure Dad will too!

This model is also Wi-Fi enabled allowing Dad to access music, games and websites. There’s even a dedicated red Netflix button right on the remote. And if he uses his mobile device it can be used as a Netflix second screen to browse and select the movie to watch. It’s also great with an Apple TV.

It also comes with 2 pairs of Bluetooth enabled 3D TV glasses, so there’s one pair for Dad and one for you.

The Sharp LC-60LE857U retails for $2,999, or less, on sale and can be found at most electronics stores.

To all you Dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!


Greg Gazin can be reached at  gadgetguy "at" telus "dot" net , , or on Twitter @GadgetGreg

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