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Opena Case is part case, part bottle opener

Jun 26, 2013

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Opena CaseCanada may be tops when it comes to beer, but when it comes to high-tech gadgets that open the bottle; we can't discount the good folks from the land down under. As a follow-up to their flagship model, Opena Case for iPhone 5 by Annex Products is a 2-in-1 iPhone case and bottle opener.

Now maybe it's not something most of us would use very day, or maybe you would. When your beer doesn't come with a screw top or in a can, it's nice to know that you won't be begging to borrow a bottle opener or taking a chip out of the counter or table.

In a nutshell, Opena is a strong sturdy iPhone shell-type case, made of tough polycarbonate that has a built-in slide out stainless steel bottle opener.

Designed in Australia

The product is the brainchild of two mates from Melbourne, Australia, Rob Ward and Chris Peters, who desperately needed their amber fluid, but had no tools to open the bottles except for their iPhones. A coincidence maybe, but Chris just happens to be an industrial designer and Rob the sales and marketing dude.

The opener cleverly shows through the back of the case, which is carefully designed not to hide or cover the iPhone’s Apple logo. To access it, you simply put your finger in the oval part of the opener and slide it out. And at no time does it touch your phone.

Opena Case Amazingly, it works really well. The case itself is extremely sturdy and holds up while applying pressure to open a bottle. There’s no bending or buckling and there’s no need to fear of any damage coming to your phone. It also incorporates their POSI-LOCK blade technology that locks the blade nicely in place whether you’re using or storing it.

They’ve also cleverly ensured your iPhone’s camera lens and flash efficiency are not impeded by having a black flash ring over molded around them.

Refinements for iPhone 5

For those of you who are familiar with the original model for iPhone 4/4S, Opena for iPhone 5 is a little more refined. It’s lighter and thinner, yet still strong and they’ve made some improvements to smooth out the POSI-LOCK sliding mechanism.

The cases are better colour coordinated to match the new iPhone’s anodized finishes. There are two models available; Gun Metal black with a black oxide coated stainless steel opener and Arctic white with a brushed finish opener.

If you have an iPhone 4/4S, the good news is the original is still available in white or black, both with the standard stainless steel opener.

Opena Case While there is a plethora of ways to open your bottle without a bottle opener, the opener is funky and cool and certainly great conversation pieces while you’re having a few “coldies”. And it's not like you have to take an extra gadget along with you, it’s just there with your phone wherever you go. Yes, it does add a little bit of extra weight when carrying it around in your pocket, since the bottle opener is made of stainless steel, but for the times that you end up using it, you'll certainly be happy you had it.

The only downside to the Opena 2-in-1 design, although functional, it offers no additional protection for the front of your iPhone. It would make sense that where there's beer or pop or any sort of bottled liquids, there will also be some spills. So best to keep that in mind and perhaps invest in a screen film of some sort.

Opena Case for iPhone 5 and Opena Case for iPhone 4/4S retail for $39.95 U.S. and are available directly from

Rating: 4.75 / 5   (4.5 / 5 for iPhone 4/4S)


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