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Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect Wireless Speaker

Jan 6, 2014

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect Wireless SpeakerEdifier is not only known for their Bluetooth speakers; they’re easily recognized by their elegance in design and styling and the Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect (iF335BT) is certainly no exception. It has a built-in microphone allowing it to operate as a hands-free speaker kit when you're using your phone and a neat little output device when you're streaming your tunes. Its appeal is further enhanced with a pocketsize wireless multifunction remote.

It has a beautiful black frame with a matching grill. It's quite square at the front with rounded edges and curves to the backside. It has two chrome reflex bass ports on either side and two front-facing 70mm drivers under the hood. While it's classified as portable, at 11.8” x 3.54” x 5.23” (W x H x D), this unit is not really designed to be thrown in a backpack or purse and used on the go. It can run on batteries, albeit six AA cells, but it also runs on AC power with the supplied adapter.

Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect Wireless SpeakerHidden Remote

At first, as I removed the unit from the box, I thought that the remote control was missing. I was concerned because you need the remote control to pair your Bric Connect with whatever Bluetooth device you're trying to use. There's no pairing button on the main console. But alas I flipped it upside down and there it was, nicely tucked underneath. It's a great place to store it when the device is not in use (and as long as I can remember where it is). The remote allows you to control the power, answer and end calls, adjust the volume as well as change tracks.

I was actually quite impressed with its sound. I put it through its paces with a MacBook Pro and an iPhone; I patched it in to my older 26-inch Toshiba flat screen TV via its auxiliary input. I immediately noticed an incredible difference from the sound of the TV’s speakers. I cranked up both the volume on the Bric and the TV remote making it even louder, but decided it was best to turn it down before the neighbors filed a noise complaint. It’s pretty decent for 12 watt RMS.

Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect Wireless SpeakerBottom Line

Overall the Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect (iF335BT) is a nice little device. The housing design works because not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it produces a nice even sound. The highs are crisp and the bass puts out just enough boom without over resonating the cabinet. I think it's a bit of a miss that you must have the remote in order to pair it with the Bluetooth device that you’re streaming to. In the event you lose the remote or the remote breaks, then you've lost any Bluetooth connectivity, so no wireless streaming or answering your phone.

Another point of improvement might have been a different battery system, maybe a rechargeable battery. Except for remotes or a wireless mouse/keyboard, I rarely use AA batteries anymore - let alone six.  Two or four maybe but not six. To be frank, I haven't tested the unit with batteries, so I can't tell you how long it would run before needing to change them. Given its size, I suspect the unit was designed to be a desktop home or office speaker with the option to be portable rather than the other way around.   Looking at it that way has now found a comfortable spot in front of the TV.

The Edifier Bric Bluetooth Connect retails for $99.95 and is available directly from Edifier as well as through and It comes in Gloss White in addition to Black.

Wireless Remote
Crisp Sound

Requires remote for pairing
Needs 6 AA batteries when not using AC Power

Rating: 4/5


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