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Divoom Voombox Travel - Wireless Portable Speaker

July 9, 2014

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Divoom Voombox Travel - Wireless Portable SpeakerSummertime is a great time to take a portable Bluetooth speaker on the road and the Divoom Voombox Travel is suited just for that purpose. It has a cool round shape similar to that of a giant pocket watch topped with matching loop-style carabineer to conveniently hook it to your backpack, your bike or wherever you see fit.

VoomBox Travel features a sturdy rugged heavy-duty construction, that Divoom's products are known for, complemented with rubber trim that makes it water resistant. It's housed in a metal enclosure with speaker grills on both top and bottom with three discrete rubber strips on the underside that act as stabilizing feet.

It measures about 3" in diameter with a depth of less than 2-inches and weighs in at 312g. It's onboard controls are located on the rubberized circumference including a microUSB port which can be used for either charging or wired connectivity, which you can expose by simply lifting a small rubber gasket.

There is a built-in 4W 2" driver under the hood, plus a cool little 2" passive radiator which helps amplify the bass giving you a little extra oomph that you wouldn’t expect from a speaker of that size. There's also a built-in mic so you can use it as a wireless speakerphone.

It's easy to use and quick to connect. As soon as you power it on, it will go into pairing mode - you'll notice that the LED will flash blue when in pairing. It also features Bluetooth 4.0 so it will save power and gives you up to 10m of wireless freedom. If you prefer not to connect via Bluetooth, it ships with a "Y" shaped hybrid cable that has a micro-USB at one end and splits out to the other end with a 3.5mm jack which you can connect to any audio source and a standard USB on the other which you can use to recharge the unit. 

Divoom Voombox Travel - Wireless Portable SpeakerFor a small speaker it has pretty decent sound, although if you crank it past 80% you will get some distortion.  You may find that depending on the surface you use and the amount of bass in your tune, the speaker may start to move around. I guess maybe you need to tie it down. :)

The rubber trim is great as a shock absorber, especially when you're outside. The rubber also extends to the controls, which not only protects them from breaking, but also from grimy hands or a little light rain. I also like that the controls are large enough to use if you are wearing gloves. 

Next to the power switch is a multifunction control button designated by a phone receiver icon. It can be used to put the speaker into pairing mode, answer or reject a call and pause your tunes when you are in music mode. One thing to note is that unless you read the manual, you wouldn't know that the "+" and "-" controls are dual purpose. A short press of either one gives you volume control; A long press gives you track control. 

Divoom Voombox Travel - Wireless Portable SpeakerIt has a built-in Lithium-ion battery that will get you six hours of play at medium volume with a recharge time of about two hours.

Divoom VoomBox Travel comes in five colours: black, blue, green, orange and red.  It retails for $49.95. You can get it directly from Divoom USA  or through

Cool Design
Ruggedized Metal Construction
Good Bass

Proprietary Cable

Rating: 4/5

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