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Yantouch Diamond+ Light, Sleep / Wake & Music Device

Dec 19, 2014

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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Yantouch Diamond+ LightIf you're looking for a gift for that someone special who seems to have everything, chances are that he or she doesn't have the Yantouch Diamond+, a 3-in-1 mini entertainment system that's a sound, light and a sleep/wake device all built-in to a desktop diamond-cut shaped globe. This latest model from the Taiwan based company is a new and much improved follow up to their previous Diamond II and Diamond 3 models. 

First of all, Diamond+ get its name from its rounded diamond shape. It's a 2.1 stereo Bluetooth 3.0 speaker system, that allows you to stream your music wirelessly from various devices including Android and iOS. It can also work in wired mode too. It has a pair of drivers, one on each side and a bass resonance tube to give you bigger sound from the smaller form factor. Built into the globe are eight RGB and two white LED lights that offer illumination that range from a bedside reading white light to a kaleidoscope of over 16 million colours.

Multi-function Remote

Diamond+ is controlled by an impressive full-featured yet slim factored remote control that allows you to do the things you would expect like turn the power on and off to control the volume and music. But it's also nice that it has a Bluetooth button that will allow you to re-link back to the last device used or switch the remote to line-in mode.  Beyond power and volume control, the remote can also be used to control its lights. You can toggle the colours so that you can pick a specific single colour for the glow; you can set the flow mode where you can loop through colours to the rainbow mode that can make it shine like a Christmas tree. The tempo mode is another cool feature that combines music and light and moves to the beat somewhat reminiscent of the disco era. When not in use, they've cleverly created a slot at the back of the globe so you can store your remote and not be looking for it day and night.

Yantouch Diamond+ LightSleep and Wake to Light and Sound

Your Diamond+ still shines, even once the party is over. It can help you get to sleep at night and then, wake you up in the morning. Yes, really! Its built-in Sunset Simulator acts as a sleep aid designed to emulate the sunset, gradually dimming the light, which you can customize for up to 99 minutes, as well as the music to help you fall asleep. In the morning, the appropriately named Sunrise Simulator does almost the same but in reverse. It takes you from a deep sleep to a lighter snooze over a 30-minute period. Then, it can wake you up with the sound of singing canaries. This is not a bad idea, since sometimes just light is not enough to wake some of us up, unless perhaps you're shining a high-powered flashlight directly into one's eyes. 

These features are configurable and fully customizable to maximize the experience through the free iOS or Android Yantouch BTS (Bed Time Social) app. In addition to using it as a bedtime light, it can help you fall asleep or awaken to customized music or voices that you can grab from a file or record right from within the app. Your loved one can, for example, wake up to Merry Christmas on December 25th or Happy New Year on January 1st - although waking someone up after a long night of celebration, may not necessarily be welcomed.  There are no controls on the speaker itself, so you can also use the app for standard remote control functions as well.

Yantouch Diamond+ LightDiamond+ runs off a built-in 1300 mA hour lithium polymer rechargeable battery designed to run for about 10 hours. Of course actual results will vary depending on how much music you listen to and how flashy you make the lights. It takes about four hours to recharge the battery

Fun Practical & innovative

Diamond+ makes for a great gift on a few different levels. It's fun, innovative, practical and beautifully crafted. I like the fact that it's wireless, can produce an endless myriad of colours to help you with your mood or the mood of the party and also sync to the beat.  As for sleep and awake functionality it's certainly innovative and with short days in the winter a little soothing colour therapy can go a long way, but something I'd likely need to change my habits for. 

As for the sound, it's crisp and clear, but there's a little trade-off between sound fidelity and overall functionality.  Even with resonance tube, I found it a little light on the bass and a little low on the highs and because of its size, lacks full stereo separation. It produces decent sound, better than many other Bluetooth speakers and probably irrelevant if you use it for parties, background music or casual listening, but maybe not enough for the dedicated audiophile.

It comes in two flavours; IceDiamond+, with a white base and light translucent finish and BlackDiamond+, that ports a black base and a more smoky finish. Either model looks good even when the lights and music are off. In fact it's really versatile. It can be used by the campfire at a party sit on your teenager's night table or even on the corporate CEO's credenza.

It comes with a velvet drawstring carry pouch, a 5V AC adapter, a combination USB charging cable w/3.5mm audio jack for line-in and a physical remote control (thank you for that).

Yantouch Diamond+ LightYantouch Diamond+ retails for $199.99, although I've seen it range from $149.99 to $169.99. It's available from and However, if you are looking for a gift for someone south of the border or if you are located in the U.S., there is a promo only available until Dec 31, 2014 through, for 50% off. ($99 U.S. with coupon code YT50DOFF)

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Happy Holidays and all the best to you and yours for 2015. See you in the New Year!

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