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Seidio Tetra bumper for iPhone 6

Mar 2, 2015

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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Seidio Tetra bumper for iPhone 6I'm simply amazed how many people carry around a thousand dollar smartphone like the Apple iPhone 6 Plus in their back pocket without any sort of protection. For some, it might be a case of just never getting around to it; others might prefer to show off their fine gadget's natural beauty and some may simply hate any extra bulkiness an add-on accessory might bring. 

But frankly, everyone needs some sort of protection. If that's the case - pardon the pun, then the Seidio TETRA might just be the solution - a two-part system comprised of an inner gasket and an outer metal frame. It's not an actual case, but rather a bumper that fits around the perimeter of your smartphone offering protection, for the most part, from many of those angled drops. 


My review unit was for iPhone 6; there is a Pro model that we'll touch upon later. The inner frame is made from a durable TPS (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). It has a soft rubbery feel that fits snugly around the perimeter of your phone like a rubber gasket. The outer frame that goes over the inner portion is made from a lightweight CNC-machined aluminum. It has geometrically flattened corners that not only gives it a stylish look, it's supposed to maximize shock absorption from a drop by disbursing the energy, particularly when combined with the TPU frame. It also has a beveled-edge lip, so when laying on a flat surface, it raises your smartphone just enough so neither the phone's surface nor the camera lens, which protrudes on models like the iPhone 6, are not actually touching the surface protecting it from scratches. It has precision cutouts for all the ports and controls with both the power and volume control buttons protruding through from the TPU.

Seidio Tetra bumper for iPhone 6Latch System; No Tools Required

With most bumpers, you often need to stretch it hard to put on and it's usually a pain to remove. With the Tetra I found it was easy to do both. The inner gasket has good elasticity and easy to slip on. The metal shell has a cleverly hidden latch system that uses no screws and requires no tools. When closed, it stays firmly in place so it can't pop open accidentally and fall off. 

The Tetra looks really good and naturally blends in with the shape of the iPhone. However, because it's aluminum, it is susceptible to nicks and scratches. Furthermore, if you use earbuds or a charging cable, other than the one that came with your iPhone you may find it hard to properly plug in with the bumper on. And while with plastic or rubber bumpers and cases, you could possibly shave the inner edges, with the smooth precision metal finish of the Tetra, it maybe difficult to do so without destroying it.  In that case you may need to find a slim adapter or in the case of earbuds, you may need to get some wireless ones.

Seidio Tetra bumper for iPhone 6Bottom Line

Overall, besides the possible tight squeeze on the connectors, I thought the Tetra is an extremely well thought out product and ideal for the minimalist who really should have some sort of protection for their prized device. It has a stylishly sleek unique design, easy to attach and very comfortable to hold in your hand. For added safety, it would have been nice if they included some sort of front glass protection.

Seidio Tetra for iPhone 6 is available in black, blue, gold, red, silver and space grey. It retails for $29.95 U.S. and $34.95 U.S. for the iPhone 6 Plus. They're available directly from the Seidio on-line store as well as many other retailers including Amazon.

At full U.S. retail, I do find it can get pricey with a sub $0.80 Canadian Dollar. With that said, at time of writing, they were $10 off on and only $26.95 CAD on for the silver or black iPhone 6 model, making it much more reasonable.

Seidio Tetra bumper for iPhone 6PRO Model

There is also Seidio Tetra PRO for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available in the same colours. For an additional $5, the PRO models incorporate a clear scratch-resistant back panel to the bumper. It's designed for users who want that added protection with the slim profile of a bumper case.

Rating: 4 / 5

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