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XSories Big U-Shot designer selfie-stick

Mar 18, 2015

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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XSories Big U-Shot designer selfie-stickIt's hard to go anywhere without seeing someone taking a selfie and were seeing more and more people using monopods to help them do the dirty deed. So if you're going to join the crowd and carry one around, it might as well be one that has a long range but also somewhat fashionable just like the XSories Big U-shot Deluxe Leather Telescopic Pole.

Now I have seen many selfie-sticks, but never one that has both a genuine leather leash and a tailor-made matching hand-stitched leather handle, which I have to admit, has a fairly appealing stylish urban look.

The leather handle cover is quite soft, very comfortable to grip and is actually just the right size. The telescopic frame is made of aluminum with a hard anodized finish, which is 29cm long when closed and extends out in four sections to a maximum of 93cm.  You extend it by pulling out and turning to the right and to lock it in place simply turn it to the left. When you're done, simply reverse the process.

At the end is an aluminum pivot head ball and thumbscrew that you can which you can use to adjust and tilt the position of the device you want to attach. It also has a standard quarter inch universal screw that plugs into any standard camera thread mount.

XSories Big U-Shot designer selfie-stickThe company certainly has paid attention to the overall finish. There are no rough, jagged edges or pieces that extrude unnecessarily. The thumbscrew is solid and does a good job in locking the ball head in place. It's nice to see a ball head other than plastic ones that you often see another selfie-sticks, which can crack on their first day of use.

To make it easier to carry around, the matching leather leash strap has a key ring in on it with a small threaded screw so you can insert optionally insert into the bottom of the pole.

The whole unit is solidly built; in fact it will support a large camera, up to 3 kg according to the company's specs. With that said, this model is likely designed for camera as what's obviously missing from the package is any sort of smartphone mount, which in my opinion is probably the more common use. There is an optional attachment, called the "Pholder" which comes in two models for an additional $15-$25 that will support a variety of handheld devices.

XSories Big U-Shot designer selfie-stickXSories does have a wide range of monopods, both longer and shorter, but interestingly enough, they do offer other "non-leather" models, that do include the Pholder as well as some with as a selfie-shutter, a remote that allows you to snap the shutter remotely.

The other accessory that would be nice to have and also present on some of the other models is a caribiner clip you can clip it to your belt or knapsack. To be fair, the other also have a wrist strap, but they are not as thick or as substantial as the one that comes with the Big U-Shot leather model.

Overall it's a nice little package. It's a little higher priced than many other selfie-sticks, many of which are made of plastic. Still, it has a solid build, anodized aluminum and the genuine leather finish make it more than typical, although they could have included the caribiner and smartphone mount. Nevertheless it looks pretty cool and would be particularly appealing for those who like their accessories to be more than just functional. 

XSories Big U-Shot Deluxe Leather Telescopic Pole retails for $89.99 and comes in two colours, silver with a brown leather handle and an all-black model with the pole; the handle and leash are all black. There is also a smaller U-Shot Deluxe Leather, rather than the Big U-Shot that expands from 18cm to 49cm, depending on where you buy it, at about $10 less and many others starting at $49.99. They're available in Canada from places like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

XSories Big U-Shot designer selfie-stickPros:
Fine finished solid anodized aluminum frame
Leather handle & leash
Supports 3kg camera

May requires extra smartphone attachment

Rating: 4 / 5

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