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Pure Gear Bluetooth enabled selfie stick

May 29, 2015

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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Pure Gear Bluetooth enabled selfie stickThe invention of the monopod opened the doors to almost endless selfie possibilities as people no longer had to rely solely on the length of their arm for getting the right shot. And while timers certainly made the task a little easier there was certainly room for improvement. So in their infinite wisdom, accessory maker Pure Gear decided to create a selfie stick that was Bluetooth enabled with an in-line shutter button so you'd no longer have to reach for your device to snap the picture.

The Pure Gear Selfie Stick is small and compact, yet with it's sleek aerial style telescopic arm can extend the length of your arm from about eight inches to just under three feet. It has a non-slip rubber coated handle and detachable lanyard to ensure it stays in hand.

Its head is made of sturdy thermoplastic and fitted with a spring-loaded style clamp as seen on some other sticks, but with certain enhancements. The upper portion of the clamp is fully rubberized. This allows for better gripping of the edge of your smartphone. The lower portion has a slightly thicker rubber, more like a rounded edged wedge, so when your smartphone is inserted the front of the rubber sits higher, making it more difficult for you smartphone to slip out.

Up to 270 Degree Tilt

It has a thumbscrew adjustment allowing you adjust the tilt up to 270 degrees or fold the head fully forward, making it even shorter by almost two inches for easier storage.

The Pure-Gear Selfie-Stick will support any device that's between 2.1 and 3.3 inches wide. You can tilt the head front to back, but not side to side so you will be able to capture panoramic shots, but in landscape mode only. The only way to get a portrait style shot if you really need one, is to hold it horizontally.

Pure Gear Bluetooth enabled selfie stickBluetooth Remote Shutter

Nevertheless, the real magic of this gadget is its in-line Bluetooth enabled remote shutter button built in right above the handle that can be used to snap selfies or record video. Simply turn on your device, hold the shutter for three seconds and when the blue LED begins to flash, you're ready to pair it. Once the LED turns a solid blue, you're ready for your selfie.

The remote shutter button is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that takes roughly two hours to charge and should last on the average up to three days with continuous use. You can recharge your stick through its micro-USB port located on the underside of the handle. A red LED indicates that it is charging although there is no indicator to indicate charging or battery levels.

Overall, it's a clever little gadget. It's well built and well thought out, especially the way they designed the rubberized portion to help grip and better secure your smartphone in place. I also like the way the head folds down to save space.

With the built-in shutter, it's obvious that this model is designed for Bluetooth enabled devices. Regardless, it would have been nice if it the upper head had a removable thread mount, so one could also attach small point and shoot camera or video cameras. It's also important to note that outside of the camera app (running iOS which I used to test this gadget) the shutter button acts like a volume/ringer up control.

Also, if the USB charging port was placed up closer to the button, perhaps that would have made space for a bottom thread mount, allowing the stick to be mounted on a tripod.

Pure Gear Bluetooth enabled selfie stickTwo-In-One Gadget

Regardless, it still does the job and then some. You get both a decent selfie stick and a remote shutter all in one for less than the price you'd pay for either of them individually.

Pure Gear Selfie Stick is compatible with both iOS and Android. It comes in white with a stainless steel arm and black handle and includes a charging cable. It retails for $29.99 US and is available directly from or Amazon.

Built-in Bluetooth enabled battery operated shutter button
Sturdy Functional Design
Rubberized foldable head

Landscape mode only
No battery indicator
No screw mount option

Rating: 4.75 / 5

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