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Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing Dad

Jun 18, 2015

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing Dad

With Father's Day right around the corner, I don't know of any Dad who wouldn't be happy with a little gift that can help improve his golf game. And one gadget that can help him with that task is the Blast Golf Precision Motion Sensor. It's a small easy to use waterproof sensor and golf club attachment that sits discretely atop almost any putter or driver grip.  It is so smart, it knows when Dad is moving and dynamically powers itself up and by using Blast's proprietary motion detection algorithms, accurately collects real-time 3D action metrics. 

Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing DadThe sensor works with Blast Golf Replay, the free companion app that connects via Smart Bluetooth that captures and analyzes Father's putts and swings. And with Blast's patented Smart Video Capture feature, it allows Dad to record his play and automatically clips the video when it identifies “high-energy” events to create a highlight series. It then overlays the data collected - like swings speed, lie, loft, rotation and more, onto the video, so Dad can replay and see what went well and how he can fine- tune his game. The app also allows Dad to set goals, track his progress and even share highlights on his favourite social networks with one easy touch.

If Dad has one of the more powerful later model iOS devices like an iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2 or mini 3 that supports high-frame capture, he can take advantage of Adaptive Slow-Mo. This newly added feature allows Dad to see the finer details of his putts or swings by automatically speeding up and slowing down playback based on captured actions without intervention or editing. It's like magic.

The Blast sensor comes with a wireless induction charger that fully recharges the sensor in 90 minutes. And in the event Dad doesn't have his iPhone, iPad or iPod touch nearby, i.e., the sensor is out of range, it will store the data and transfer it to the device the next time it reconnects. It retails for about $150 in Canada and you can pick one up for Dad from Best Buy or directly from Blast Motion.

Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing DadGolf Selfies

I'm sure Dad likes his selfies, but for the golfing Dad, the Xventure TriCaddy Flex Pro by Bracketron makes a nice little Father's Day gift. It's a portable tripod that will allow Dad to record all his putts and short swings at a variety of different angles.  He can zero in on the right view by adjusting one or all of its three bendable padded legs or by loosening the adjustment knob allowing the ball joint to move freely to find just the right angle.

The mounting platform features a quick release 1/4" threaded screw mount that supports any standard camera that Dad may have. It also comes with a Smartphone bracket designed with moveable grips that can be adjusted to accommodate most devices between 2.5-3.5" wide.  If Dad has a GoPro, there is an optional UniPro Adapter you can also get for him.

The TriCaddy Flex Pro retails for $39.99 U.S. and is available directly from Bracketron. They also have a TriCaddy XL ($49.99 U.S), which extends to almost 3 ft. high. It's configured more like a traditional aluminum tripod but with dual ΒΌ” threads and includes a tablet device holder.

The Silencer

This last item is something that Dad would never expect in a million years to solve a problem he'd never thought about, but once he did, he’ll likely be amazed. It's the Golf Silencer Stand Bag by OGIO. This golf bag has no on-board electronics but it is high-tech designed to not only protect Dad’s prized clubs, it also keeps them quiet.   The golf bag features a silencer, a protective membrane top that keeps up to 14 club heads separate from each other. When you insert the clubs into the bag, its proprietary unique body grip lock has a flexible type of teeth that grabs onto each club and keeps it from moving at the bottom of the bag.

Gadgets and Gifts for your Golfing DadSo imagine Dad slipping the bag over his shoulder and walking or running to the next hole with the clubs in total silence. It has a specially designed weight-equalizing strap that helps balance the weight across dads back and it is feather light, ideal for maybe when Dad gets a little older.

It has eight zippered pockets and features integrated handles for stable and secure lifting and of course a built-in stand to keep it upright.

The OGIO Silencer Cart Bag sells for about $250-$275. It comes in a few funky colours like; Carbon, Blinders/Burst, Camo/Black and Strilux/Red and you can find them at Amazon.caSportChek and Golf Town.

Happy Father’s Day!

Greg Gazin can be reached at  gadgetguy "at" telus "dot" net , , or on Twitter @GadgetGreg

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