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Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VU

Dec 3, 2015

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin' - G4 Canada

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Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VUBracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VU

The New Bracketron TruSportPak is a clever solution that not only houses your smartphone when you’re on the go it also offers fun, practical and safety features.

Now that’s a good thing given that most of us never leave home without our mobile devices. But when we head out for a jog or walk we typically don't have a lot of extra places to carry things. There are wristbands and fanny packs but most of them are either passé or not necessarily practical particularly with today's super-sized devices.

Water Resistant, Clear Window

That’s where the Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VU makes sense. It’s a pleated buckle-style weather resistant waist pack made from durable and stretchy Lycra, so you have room for your phone, but also your keys, a little cash, a few credit cards and even your earbuds.

It also has a water-resistant TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) lining that will keep your phone and everything inside nice and dry. The pouch is sectioned off so you can place your phone on one side and everything else on the other. This is perfect, since it has a clear window that’s designed to sit flush with your screen so you can access your phone without removing it from your pack. Plus it keeps keys and the like from scratching it. Of course, if you have an iPhone with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, it won’t quite work, but that’s life.

Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VUEarbud Pull-Through

As an added bonus, the pack is fitted with a rubberized pull-through, so you can keep your phone in the pack and run your earbud cable out without straining it or impeding the weather resistant zipper.

Besides keeping your stuff dry, the pack helps keep you visible at night. It actually has a built-in LED light powered by a 3V CR 2032 coin cell battery, which is cleverly tucked under a Velcro fastener where the belt meets the pack on one side. The colour light runs along the strip by the zipper. It will supposedly last up to 36 hours of continuous use. Even better, the LED light has three settings. You can simply keep it in the on position or set it to flash slowly or rapidly.

I found the belt pack hugs snugly around your body and is designed to accommodate waist sizes from 25-55 inches. I like that the pack section is nicely tapered so it doesn't feel like the belt is chafing your gut.

I really like the little extras like the water resistant reflective zipper, LED light, earbud pass through and phone window. Interestingly, it’s priced comparably or even lower than others with fewer features.

Given the design and price, it might be too much to ask, but I would have liked to the ability to light the phone face side of the pack. As designed, the LED light runs along is the zipper side of the pack and would be the side facing outward when wearing it. That means your phone would be facing inward, closest side to your body.  It make sense as your screen would be protected the screen in the event of a fall. Furthermore, it would also keep bulky items you’re carrying on the outside.  However, if you needed to look at your display, you would have to twist the pack around to do so. For me, I walk with my phone listening to Podcasts and would prefer to have my iPhone facing outward.

Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VUOk, maybe, it’s just me. I guess, I’d need to find an app for that.

Besides that, there’s really not a lot I could find to improve on. It feels well made; it’s very practical and easy to use.

It comes in two models: The Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VU which supports phones 5.44” x 2.64” and the Bracketron TruSportPak with LED Safety Light & Smart VU Plus given the name will hold slightly larger phones up to 6.22” x 3.06”. Both are part of Bracketron’s Xventure accessory line. They each come in two colour combinations and retail for $24.99 US directly via the company’s online store.

(Note: Bracketron does show Canadian retailers and distributors like Cabellas, London Drugs and Staples carrying their products, but I could not specifically locate this specific item on any of those sites.)
Clear Window for Phone
Built-in LED 3-setting light
Pull-Through for Earbuds
Water  Resistant

May be hard to find in-store in Canada

Rating: 4.75 / 5

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