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Bottle opening timepiece focuses on Happy Hour

May 16, 2014

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Bottle opening timepiece focuses on Happy HourI don't usually find it a challenge to come up with a headline for a story or review, but while tossing around a couple of ideas, this one certainly made me want to have a "beverage". And so it should, that is, for the simple fact that when staring at it the entire face looks somewhat fuzzy, the hour and the minute hand appearing somewhat blotchy and none of the numbers visible with the exception of the "5".

Now I know what you might be thinking - that I've already decided to partake in the human ritual known to many as Happy Hour which begins around 5 "ish" and that I've already had a few too many. Others might nod their heads in agreement, because after a long day, Happy Hour is the only time that matters. But truth be told, I haven't had a sip - yet - and that's the way the watch was designed - really!

It's kind of cool. Its massive 42mm face is covered with frosted mineral crystal. It intentionally blurs out the majority of the surface, except for a "5" which stands out quite boldly through a window at the five o'clock position. In fact, it's the only actual number shown on the watch along with the traditional Arabic hour markers. The hour and minute hands are cleverly designed, virtually transparent except for their tips, which indicate their relative position on the dial. These resemble what looks like, depending on your perspective, either discs or blobs of ink.  The bigger blot designates hour and the more diminutive one, which extends out a tad farther than the other signifies the minutes - more or less.  Now this might make it a challenge for some to get a totally accurate time reading, but that's the whole idea, isn't it?

Bottle opening timepiece focuses on Happy HourAnd that's why this model, by Happy Hour Timepieces is called the Ish.
Besides the intended "approximate time", everything else about the Ish is precise and the design intentional. Under the hood, the timepiece has a Japanese Miyota 2036 movement all encased in a heavy-duty stainless steel crown. Emphasis here on the "heavy" - it's built like a tank. It's also water resistant to 100m. It has an ultra-wide calfskin strap with a genuine leather lining. The strap is nicely paired with a heavy-duty dual-pronged patented steel buckle, which – appropriately designed for this timepiece – has a built-in bottle opener. The only minor item I noticed was how close the strap is to the crown. It appears to touch. And only time will tell - pardon the pun - if that might cause it to wear prematurely.

It's not a high-tech smart-watch if that's your thing but it certainly gets great marks as a smart creation and a highly engaging conversation piece offering an incredible display of "approximate" time telling. At first I shook my head wondering why, but then after wearing it for a little while and getting used to its weight and considering the novelty of it, that wonder turned into a smile.

Bottle opening timepiece focuses on Happy HourThe Ish watch by Happy Hour Timepieces comes in three flavours: Orange Crush or Timeless Black with a brushed stainless steel finish that retail for $149.99 U.S. each. The third model, Night Moves has an all black finish with a cool black ion plating, for $174.99 U.S.  They're available directly from Happy Hour.  Ish comes in a nice little cylindrical gift box and would make for a great gift for anyone, especially Dad with Father's Day just around the corner.

Rating: 4.75 / 5


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