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Braven Lux - a wireless speakerphone and not a purse

July 29, 2016

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Braven Lux - a wireless speakerphone and not a purse

Braven LuxOne would rarely think of describing a Bluetooth speaker as having a luxurious feminine style, but when you look at the Braven Lux you just may smile and nod your head in agreement. In fact if you come across a lady holding one in her hand you might mistakenly take it for a clutch purse.

Created by accessory maker Braven, the LUX wireless speaker is part of a limited edition for the Braven Design Series, so I'm sure the purse look was created rather by design and not pure by accident.

Sleek and Weatherproof

Braven LuxAt first glance, it's obviously portable and compact, measuring 6.25″ x 2.6″ x 1.8″ and weighing a mere 335 g. It has a nicely contoured and shock absorbent moulded plastic housing with a uniquely patterned grille. Much to one's surprise, it’s IPX5 certified weatherproof - meaning it would stand up to dust and some water splashing in everyday use. It's not totally waterproof; so don't take it into the shower.

Controls and ports are located at either end of the enclosure. On the right, tucked behind the removable weatherproof rubber gasket is a USB port for phone charging, as well as a microUSB port for recharging. There’s both an AUX-out port for daisy-chaining to another speaker and AUX-In, to allow LUX to act as a receiver to connect non-Bluetooth devices. To know how much juice you have left, there's also a Battery Check button that when pressed will illuminate a series of LEDs indicating a percentage (20%-100%) of battery life remaining. On the other end of the speaker are four large buttons to control power, volume, pairing and call answer.

Braven LuxThere's a built-in microphone on the top that doubles as a noise-cancelling speakerphone.

Behind the patterned grills are two drivers and a passive radiator along with a 1400 mAh li-ion battery, about the same power as that in an iPhone 5. It's rated at 12 hours of continuous play; after about 10 hours or so, it still had some juice left in it. To save battery power, the unit will shut itself off if it's been idle for about 1/2 hour. It's takes about 2.5-3 hours to fully recharge.


LUX can also be used as a powerbank by connecting your phone or other USB device to the USB port. Given LUX's small battery and 1A rating, it's ideally designed to give a little extra juice to your smartphone or other low powered USB devices, however, not really for a power hungry device like an iPad, which ideally requires 2.4A.

Braven LuxAs for sound reproduction, it's fairly crisp and can be played quite loud, but like many other speakers of this size desire the passive radiator is a little lacking on the bass side. The unit does not give you true stereo separation, but with LUX's TrueWireless Technology, you easily can resolve that problem by pairing it with either a second LUX speaker or one of the other Braven 7-Series models. LUX js configured for Bluetooth V2.1 +EDR and supports a number of profiles including OPT/HFP 1.5, A2DP1.0, AVRCP1.4, GAVDP1.0 ad HSP1.2.

Overall, the Braven LUX is a fun and stylish product. It doesn't have the biggest battery around and perhaps not the sound a die-hard audiophile would expect, but I'm sure most ladies would certainly appreciate having this Bluetooth fashion accessory to listen to their tunes and charge up her gadgets. It comes in three "fashionable" (flashy fashionable) colours; pearl, gold and iridescent purple and retails for US $99. It's available in Canada Staples and Amazon with prices ranging from $95-$149.99 CDN at time of writing.

Stylish, Sleek & Fashionable
Built-in power bank, speakerphone

Smaller Battery
Average Bass, Sound

Rating: 4 / 5

(Photos courtesy Braven)


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