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New DS in April

Feb 19, 2009

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Neighborhood GamesThe new DSi will be hitting North American shores this April.

Just like they did with the Wii gaming console, Nintendo is hoping to revolutionize the handheld gaming world with the DSi system.

Launching on April 5th, the DSi will come in the colours black or blue and retail for approximately $199.95.

Nintendo says the DSi will be able to play most DS games and that 850 titles will be compatible when the system launches.

The DSi is being touted as more than a handheld gaming system. It will have two cameras built inside of it. One camera will be on the external body and the other will point at the user when the device is opened.

Like the dual touch screen introduced with the original DS, Nintendo is hoping that the cameras will be utilized by designers to create new ways to interact with games.

Neighborhood GamesOut of the box, the DSi will also come with DSi Sound, which will allow the system to be used as a voice recorder and a music player, if music is saved on a SD card. There is also a built-in music editor available.

Perhaps the most exciting feature though is the ability to download games right onto the DSi. Through the DSiWare application, gamers will be able to purchase new games and download them to the system just like they do with their Wii consoles using pre-purchased Nintendo points.

Nintendo says that additional features and news of Nintendo DSi will be revealed as April 5 approaches.

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