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Xbox Live Canada the testing ground for '1 vs 100'

May 6, 2009

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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1 vs 100Ever think you can do better than those poor slobs and clods you see blowing bonehead questions on TV game shows? Well, Microsoft is asking Canadian gamers to put their money where their mouths are. On Friday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. PST, the exclusive beta test of '1 vs. 100' begins on Xbox Live with the first ever "episode" of the massively multiplayer online game.

Microsoft's first foray into what they are calling "social gaming entertainment", '1 vs. 100' will allow Gold Membership Xbox Live users to participate in the regularly scheduled live shows for free and win real prizes like Xbox Live Arcade games and Microsoft points while at the same time getting to show off their zany XBL avatars.

1 vs 100In the now defunct NBC show of the same name, one player ('The One') was selected to match their trivia knowledge against 100 other people, known as The Mob. As members of The Mob answer questions incorrectly they were removed from the game. To win, the One had to eliminate all 100 Mob members or walk away with the cash they have accumulated.

For the Xbox Live version, participating subscribers will be picked to play as The Mob or The One. Those who are not chosen as either can still play along; acquire Xbox achievements and points towards a sweepstakes prize as members of the audience. Players can better their chances at being selected during the next round in this way as well.

1 vs 100'One vs 100' is a four player game which Microsoft is hoping will encourage families and friends to play together from the comfort of their living rooms. Along with the live broadcasts, there will be 30-minute separate Extended Play episodes in which players can rack up points to qualify for the next episode.

As the special sneak peak at High Road Communications in Toronto demonstrated, Microsoft is enthusiastically producing the live Friday and Saturday shows as genuine broadcasts. They have hired a regular on-air host in comedian Chris Cashman, who takes sadistic pleasure in jokingly mocking the players from time to time. Think Simon Cowell but with a heart and a sense of humour. To give everyone a break in the action, there are segments in which Cashman will read out real-time audience shout-outs, comments, answer phone calls and there are even some unobtrusive commercial breaks which won't stop players from checking out their stats or doing other things on XBL if they wish.

1 vs 100When the game officially launches later this spring, XBL Gold Members from Canada and the United States will be playing together while England, Ireland, Germany, France and other European countries will have their own versions soon. Microsoft is even considering theming episodes around the Olympics or other events and since the broadcasts are live, they are promising fresh trivia questions which might play off current events or news that is specific to various regions. In the sneak we were invited to questions about the Canadian parliament and Don Cherry were asked so maybe knowing all that useless Canuck trivia will pay off after all.


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