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'Like the movie, 'G-Force' a treat for kids

Aug 7, 2009

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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G-ForceIf there is one thing we can learn from Disney’s surprise summer hit ‘G-Force’ it is that we should never underestimate the power of a Guinea Pig. It also doesn’t hurt to have Jerry Bruckheimer in your corner as your producer either.

Just like the motion picture, ‘G-Force’ the game by Disney Interactive Studios is an unexpected treat for kids. It is a game that combines action with some tricky puzzles that will get children thinking as they blast away at the once docile household appliances that have been transformed into robot baddies.

G-ForceAs Darwin, the commander of the covert espionage team, and Mooch, a fly trained in the discrete art of surveillance, you race to stop evil corporate billionaire Leonard Saber from – What else? – taking over the world with his mechanical minions, which include everything from microwave ovens that want to roast you alive to computers that seek to permanently delete you. To fight the good fight all the way from Saber mansion to his satellite control centre, you have the latest spy weapons and gadgets at your disposal and the best thing of all is that there is no ‘M’ warning you to bring back everything in one piece. To aid in kicking butt there is an Electro-Whip that can hurl projectiles at foes as well as mercilessly flog them, a NanoHacker that turns enemies into allies, a Freeze Canon and an arsenal of your standard issue plasma guns, cluster rifles and flamethrowers.

G-ForceTurning the malicious machines into scrap metal as Darwin brings plenty of joy but I found that stealthily zipping around through holes, vents and grates while slowing down time as Mooch was the best part of the game. Mooch is key to the puzzle portion as it is he who can slip into inaccessible areas, open locked doors and pass along key codes and other important information to Darwin. Mooch may be small but he’s one powerful ally.

To break things up a bit, there are a couple of road course stages where you are able to drive the tricked out motorized hamster balls from the movie to jump over and shoot at enemies. It is too bad the controls aren’t really precise, there weren’t more of these stages and they weren’t better developed as they really could have had more of an impact on the game itself.

G-ForcePlaying off of its big screen counterpart, ‘G-Force’ comes with those special red and green glasses and can be played in 3-D if you select that mode in the options menu. The process works fairly well with backgrounds and objects seeming to have depth to them and some projectiles flying out towards with the screen on occasion. When all is said and done though, wearing the coloured specs doesn’t really add that much, especially if you are already playing on a HD set…except for maybe the eye strain you will suffer from gaming in the dated anaglyph 3-D system.

G-Force’s playtime is considerably longer than most children’s titles clocking in at about 10 hours plus and in a very welcome change, the storyline is far more complex and engaging than one might expect. You got to give it to Disney and Eurocom. They are making smarter kids games. Games that don’t dumb things down and actually respect their target audience. The settings, stages though begin to look and play the same about halfway through so ‘G-Force’ is best experienced in smaller doses otherwise you might feel as if you, yourself, are on a gaming treadmill going nowhere fast.


Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Eurocom
ESRB Rating: E 10+
Official Site:

Rating: 7.5 / 10


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