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'Bayonetta' is wickedly wicked

Feb 23, 2010

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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BayonettaThe chick has operational guns in her boots and fights with her hair. I repeat, the chick has guns in her boots and fights with her hair. Can you beat that? I don't think so.

Not since Lara Croft or Samus Aran has there been a cooler female character to play than Bayonetta, the gun-toting, demon summoning, wickedly wicked witch from the game of the same name. Calm, cool and collected at all times as her, you don't feel guilty at all about chugging and clobbering through Heaven's militia as there seems to be very little separating them from their rivals down South. Bayonetta is all about that grey region between love and hate, good and evil, PC and Macintosh.

Bayonetta may be giving the halo-heads a hard time but it is not exactly her fault. It seems the forces of good, ain't that good to begin with. With almost no memory of her past and haunted by random flashbacks, Bayonetta searches for an ancient artifact that has something to do with the end of the world or some such terrrrrible calamity.

BayonettaAs convoluted as the space between Britney Spears' ears, Bayonetta's plot is not its selling point. It is the haymaker-to-your-gut, pulse-pounding action that thrills. With unusual and innovative attacks and combos there are so many ways to dispatch your enemies really, really good. Canadians will surely get a kick out of the deadly unlockable ice skates. Oh, yeah. They bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "death spiral", eh?

Think that is sweet? You ain't seen nothing yet. Better than that are the "Torture Attacks" Bayonetta can unleash upon unsuspecting foes. After building up the magic metre, she can summon a gargantuan guillotine to slice and shred foes into pieces or a spike wheel that grinds the baddies into so much hamburger.

As Mr. Burns would say…Excellent!

The best thing is that whether it be a katana, a new set of guns, the skates or power gauntlets, you can combine them all and although new combos and attacks are introduced, the button combinations remain the same from item to item, it is just the move itself is different. Such a simple but fantastic concept that alone is just one part of the exceptional design and production work that went into making this title.

BayonettaWhat's the point though of having heinous weapons if you don't have the right enemies to use them on, right? Bayonetta has those and then some. You won't find the peaceful and merciful God of the New Testament in Bayonetta. No way. This Yahweh is of the fire and brimstone variety and his disciples are grotesque, fierce and darn ruthless. This makes for some insane and spectacular boss battles that are as satisfying and enjoyable as any you have played before. Running across the walls and ceiling of a church while firing away at your target or slamming a dragon around by its neck like The Undertaker is the reason why you will have to rip that controller out of my hands to get me to stop playing video games.

Starting with the intuitive combo system and ending with gameplay that represents everything action film fans love about the genre, 'Bayonetta' has set a new standard with its innovative approach to each and every aspect of the experience. No video game collection should be without a space on the shelf reserved for 'Bayonetta'.


Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Sega
Developer: platinumgames
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Official Site:

Rating: 9 / 10


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