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'Endless Ocean' sequel has endless possibilities

Mar 22, 2010

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Endless Ocean: Blue WorldPopping 'Endless Ocean: Blue World' into your Wii is like when you take off on that runway and heading off on a well deserved vacation. Your mind is at peace and ready to absorb new experiences. 'Endless Ocean' is a different headspace than most gamers might be used to but it is a welcome one.

A sequel to 2008's 'Endless Ocean', 'Blue World' has you exploring the oceans of the world seeking out new species of wildlife and even some ancient treasure. A university student taking time off from your studies, you merge your interest in folklore with your desire to explore strange new worlds by joining up with the L&L Diving Service, owned and operated by seafaring veteran Jean-Eric Louvier. Assisting them with their explorations, you become wrapped up in a mystery involving Louvier's granddaughter and her missing father.

Endless Ocean: Blue WorldAs well as the curious main storyline, there are many side quests to complete or you can just go exploring any time you want, even after you have finished the campaign. As you explore, whether as part of a task or just for your own curiosity, you will discover and record information about the various habitats and wildlife you come across. You can even feed them, take photos and even grab onto larger creatures like whales and go for a ride. Using an assortment of devices, you can go treasure hunting too.

Unlike the original game, not all of your adventures will take place underwater though. Nineball Island acts as the base of your diving operations. There you can converse with the locals and procure more missions, examine your notebook or the wildlife encyclopaedia, monitor your career and buy new gear. You can even train a dolphin so you can have a Flipper of your very own.

Using the multiplayer option, you can dive or hang out with you real world friends online too and go off on your very own adventures.

Endless Ocean: Blue World'Endless Ocean: Blue World' is one of the best looking and sounding games on the Wii. The environments and the creatures who dwell within them are beautifully detailed and recreated. Everything is so refined, it is easy to get lost in the imaginary world for hours upon hours.

Blue World's casual pace and attitude is not for everyone. If a constant adrenaline rush is what you need, you will not find it here. 'Blue World' is about exploring the unknown, gaining knowledge about the world around you and appreciating the beauty of nature. It is a nice change of pace if you are open to it.


Endless Ocean: Blue World'Endless Ocean: Blue World'
Format: Wii
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Arika
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
Official Site:

Rating: 8 / 10


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