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'Breach', good value and good fun

Jan 25, 2011

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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BreachI know what you are thinking, bub. Why does the world need another military multiplayer? The answer is simple. You cannot get the kind of fun 'Breach' dishes out for under twenty-five bucks anywhere, anyhow.

Developed by Atomic, the capable hands and twisted minds behind 'Close Combat', and 'World At War', Xbox Live Arcade's 'Breach' has everything you have come to expect from a multiplayer FPS with some new twists on the traditional MP FPS essentials.

The principal new element is what Atomic is calling the "Destruction Toolbox". By combining the right environment with the right weapon, you can take your opponents out in clever ways such as blowing up a rope bridge they are standing on or shooting a missile through a wall they are cowering behind. The 'Toolbox' can also be used as a defensive instrument as well. You can shoot bricks out of a wall or planks out of a floor to create a protective vantage point. The "Destruction Toolbox" adds a fresh strategic perspective to a familiar formula.

BreachAs a member of the CIA's Special Activities Division, you participate in some recognizable and some innovative missions. 'Infiltration' (capturing, holding strategic locations), 'Team Deathmatch' and 'Sole Survivor' (Every man for himself with no respawning) are the standard modes available.

The 'Convoy' and 'Retrieval' modes are what enhance the game's replayability factor. They are crazy cool. In 'Convoy', you are tasked with either defending or attacking a convoy of moving vehicles. I could play this mode for days, days and never get tired of the skirmishes. During 'Retrieval', teams compete to locate a bio weapon canister and deliver it to a specific drop-off location to score points. Much like a capture the flag scenario, this mad dash challenge is controlled chaotic craziness.

BreachComplimenting the game modes are distinctive character classes you must master to open up the elite Recon class. Better yet, experience points from kills, victories can be used to upgrade to new weapons and specialized gadgets such as bionic ears, sniper detection-alarm and even a sonic imager that lets you to see through walls and other solid objects.

Eat your heart out, Q and 007.

At the time of review, not all the maps were available to preview. 'The Passage' has some great tunnels and caves which cause all kinds of confusions and calamity. 'Silo' is a rocket silo in the middle of a mountain range. There, are all sorts of walkways, bridges and guard posts. What both maps shared are the multitude of great strategic hiding spots.

BreachOn the whole, 'Breach' could do with sharper graphics, better sound effects to supplement the atmosphere but for the price, it is not half bad if you are in the market for a multiplayer FPS that has the simplicity of a pick-up and play title but introduces something different to broaden the conventional feel. Hats off to Atomic for putting their thinking caps on.


Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Atomic Games
Developer: Atomic Games
ESRB Rating: T for Teen
Official Site:
Rating: 7 / 10


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