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Secure your home with Rogers

Aug 23, 2011

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Smart Home MonitoringThere certainly is no place like home, thanks to Rogers.

With the new 'Smart Home Monitoring' service, Ontario homeowners can truly be the masters of their own domain.

Using Rogers' cable and wireless networks together, the remote system allows customers to automate and manage sensors, cameras, thermostats, lights and small appliances from their computer or smartphone.

For example, consumers can easily turn up the heat or activiate security lighting before leaving the office and heading home.

Smart Home Monitoring The 'Smart Home Monitoring' service is made possible by a wall-mounted or table-top touchpad installed in the home which consumers can use to manage their system.

The touchpad provides access to home security functions, home automation apps for lighting, cameras and thermostats as well as multimedia apps for photos, traffic, weather and sports. It constantly communicates with encrypted smart sensors throughout the home, checking their status, signal strength, battery level and even room temperature.

If an alarm is ever triggered, the touchpad instantly connects with the central monitoring station. Real-time sensor and video alerts can be sent via text and email as well.

Smart Home Monitoring "Consumers are looking for solutions to enable their connected home seamlessly, reliably and securely," said Ian Pattinson, Vice-President & General Manager, Smart Home Monitoring, Rogers Communications. "With Smart Home Monitoring, we have reinvented home security with easy home automation and energy management providing Rogers customers with a truly connected home of the future."

For those looking to take advantage of the service, Smart Home Monitoring is available in three rate plans ranging from a basic plan of $39.99 per month to $57.99 per month.

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