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Gunstringer one of the best Kinect games

Oct 7, 2011

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Gears of War 3'The Gunstringer' is a character you won't soon forget. The distinctive anti-hero of the Xbox 360 Kinect game of the same name is an undead cowboy who in the best spaghetti western tradition is seeking vengeance on the dastardly varmints who done wronged him.

You see, his old gang shot him full of holes and left him for dead. There's gratitude for yah.

Using the Kinect's intuitive motion controls, you are indeed the puppeteer directing Gunstringer's every movement. You leap over canyons, dodge obstacles, punch your enemies lights out but best of all using your right hand as a gun, you fill anyone who is unlucky enough to get in your way full of lead.

Gears of War 3 All of the controls work perfectly, except sometimes the movements, dodging can be a little off then again hitting a cactus or missing a jump will rarely result in your epitaph being etched into stone.

'The Gunslinger' could have been just another in a long line of shooting gallery, point-and-shoot extravaganza like 'Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles'. Twisted Pixel Games was very clever in making the shooting gallery aspect the core of the game then built upon that foundation to create something really unique.

This hybrid incorporates some side-scrolling, some platforming, some duck-and-cover fire fights, some shooting gallery segments, some driving (horseback riding) phases and some button-mashing fighting. You will never get bored during this five-plus hour undertaking, hombre.

Gears of War 3 Although there really isn't much of a story, you don't really need one. The western genre clich├ęs, the pop-up book graphics and the sarcastic narrative delivered by a narrator who sounds like he gargled with broken glass and washed it down with turpentine, are more than enough to corral your interest for the duration of the game.

The underlying theme of 2001 seems to be simple makes best and those who are finding success are focusing on doing what they do best to the best of their ability. 'The Gunslinger' is a great example of an unassuming, uncomplicated idea being done right. What you have is one of the finest and most inventive Kinect games out there plus included with it is a free copy of Fruit Ninja Kinect. How can you beat that, cowpoke?


Star Fox The Gunstringer
Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
ESRB Rating: Teen
Official Site:
Rating: 8 / 10

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