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Kids collectable games: Gotta catch 'em both

Nov 25, 2011

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Invizimals: Shadow ZoneDue to its inventiveness and just all around coolness, I voted 'Invizimals' for the PSP, the best kids game of 2010 right here on G4.

The augmented reality game which uses a special camera attachment to survey real world environments for "hidden" creatures was one of the most creative games I had seen in quite some time. The sequel 'Invizimals: Shadow Zone' doesn't push the boundaries of the original but is still clever all the same.

Not much has changed in the main campaign. The baddie you defeated is now hanging out in the Shadow Zone and is creating all manner of evil Invizimals for you to battle or capture on your kitchen table, your living room carpet, your front lawn, pretty much everywhere and anywhere you can think of.

Invizimals: Shadow Zone Capturing an Invizimals is a little bit more difficult than throwing out a Pokeball. During the capture mini-games you might have to use the microphone to hum a tune, tap a beat with your hand or brush the creature you wish to make your own.

The battles are just as complicated as those you might find in Pokemon. Using the same tried and true rock-paper-scissors rules, certain attacks or kinds of Invizimals have advantages or disadvantages over others. You can level up your Invizimal and every five levels, they evolve and change right before your eyes.

There are approximately 120 Invizimals in the game to collect and choose from.

One of the big changes for 'Shadow Zone' is you customized your Invizimals. You can give them names and thier colors too. You can now not only battle your friends but there is a new co-op capture mode as well.

'Shadow Zone' is a continuation of a great idea, next time though, we are gonna be expecting a little bit more.


Invizimals: Shadow Zone Invizimals: Shadow Zone
Format: Sony PSP
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Novarama
ESRB Rating: E10+
Official Site:
Rating: 8 / 10


Pokemon Rumble BlastYou would think that developers would have exhausted every way to play 'Pokemon' but you would be wrong, you poor confused Psyduck. All of the kooky characters you know and love are back in 'Pokemon Rumble Blast' made exclusively for the 3DS.

In 'Rumble Blast', there are no Pokeballs to throw or moves to select from. Controlling wind-up toy Pokemon you have bested in actual combat – not the turn-based contests fans are used to – you travel around, from city to city, area to area, defeating and collecting the resident Pokemon and then taking on the final boss before moving on.

You begin with low-level Pokemon, who only have one move at their disposal, but as you win battles, you can add more powerful members to your team and shuffle out the weak ones. In special Battle Royal areas, you can square off against waves and waves of different Pokemon and then face the final legendary foe.

Pokemon Rumble Blast To strengthen your "pets", you can collect coins to purchase more abilities or recruit even stronger Pokemon.

Once you have Pokemon with powerful ranged attacks and you have mastered the art of (which old school players know so well) constantly moving and constantly firing around a group of enemies – like you would do in something like 'Geometry Wars' - it won't take you long to become Professor Oak's prized pupil.

'Rumble Blast' is as simple as you can possibly get and that's fine by us. A little more depth though would've boosted the replayability.


Pokemon Rumble Blast Pokemon Rumble Blast
Format: 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Ambrella
ESRB Rating: E10+
Official Site:
Rating: 6 / 10

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