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'Kid Icarus', another solid 3DS entry

Apr 5, 2012

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Kid Icarus: UprisingAlthough Pit has been a part of the Nintendo family for 19 years or more, Nintendo hasn't really shone the spotlight on him fully until now. The wise-cracking angel defending mankind against the evil Madusa and her minions finally has the chance to shine in the best Nintendo 3DS game released to date.

'Icarus' is actually two games in one linked together by a simple storyline. Each level is essentially the same. You begin flying in the air with a shooting rail segment. Once you have come in for a landing having reached your destination, the game becomes a third-person shooter on the ground as you fight through temples, villages and caves. The levels are short, fun and extremely frantic.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Borrowing a bit from Greek mythology, the plot has Pit being guided by the goddess Palutena in an effort to stop Medusa and her boss Hades. Because of Pit's interference and other factors, the conflict grows drawing in other interested parties and becomes a full-scale world war of sorts with Pit stuck in the middle trying to sort things out tipping the scales in the favour of light.

Despite the serious circumstances, the game carries a very light tone which is further enhanced by the witty banter between Pit and Palutena peppered with many inspired gaming in-jokes. Sometimes the comical chit-chat can be a bit distracting though when you are in the heat of battle.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Whether firing at flying enemies in the sky while dodging their attacks or carving up enemies on the ground with your sword, the straightforward goal remains the same: demolish everything you see. The drawback of this uncomplicated gameplay is there is really no sense of exploration. More or less, you are following a designated path to achieve goals or arrive at boss battles.

In the air, the 3DS controls are quite fluid. Whether using the default controller or the Circle Pad Pro peripheral, you can maneuver Pit with ease as you soar through the air and down to the ground. On the ground though, things get kinda uncomfortable with controls that take some time to get used to. Forcing you to use the stylus to aim and to operate the camera while pressing buttons to shoot is awkward at first; it is probably why the game comes with a stand for your 3DS. The stand does make playing easier though there is still a learning curve.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Of any game released to date, 'Kid Icarus' makes the best use of 3D. The flying segments are outstanding with smoke, clouds and even lightning bolts cutting though the sky. You really get the sense that you are traveling to other dimensions and other places.

Featuring more than 100 weapons, areas only available on higher difficulty settings and its own achievements, 'Icarus' has more in common with a console title than a handheld game you might throw in to kill some time while waiting for the bus. Add in the multi-player mode in which six players can duel and you have another 3DS entry that focuses on quality and substance. 'Uprising' is a fresh and promising reboot for the franchise and has us eagerly awaiting his next adventure.


Kid Icarus: Uprising Kid Icarus: Uprising
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Project Sora
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
Official Site:
Rating: 9 / 10

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