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'Heroes' enhances tried, true formula

Aug 2, 2012

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Heroes Of Ruin'Heroes of Ruin' is definitely nothing new. A multiplayer dungeon crawler with boss battles at the end of each level is not a visionary idea. Yet, 'Heroes of Ruin' demonstrates that familiar concepts done exceptionally well can still capture the interest of gamers.

'Ruin' bands together four motley mercenaries. Their objective is to find a cure for a sphinx named Ataraxis, the ruler of Nexus. The four classes to choose from are Vindicator (a paladin), Gunslinger (old West gunfighter), Alchitect (elven magician) and Savage (a Viking-like beserker).

Across snow-capped mountains, scorching jungles and watery coves you will battle all manner of beasts and collect all manner of treasures to increase skills and abilities. Most of the missions begin and end at the city hub where various persons of interest including the Nexus's monarchy will point you and your party in the right direction.

Heroes Of Ruin The adventures themselves are concise and compact taking about half an hour or so to complete. The format really suits gaming on the go with the 3DS. It makes jumping in and out of the overall adventure much easier.

You don't have to fight alone or with unpredictable A.I. partners either. By using Nintendo's StreetPass and SpotPass, you can invite others to drop in and out of the game. This free-flowing multiplayer mode is the draw of 'Heroes' as you really do need teamwork and the helping hand of others to defeat the bosses. Doing so on your own can be very daunting but not impossible. It is just so much easier having back-up.

Heroes Of Ruin The Traders Network built into the game allows players to swap or sell items with other players as well. By using SpotPass, players can participate in daily challenges which will continue for a year's time.

'Heroes' is the perfect game format to take advantage of the 3DS's capabilities. The environments all have depth to them, so the dungeon crawling experience is elevated beyond what you might witness from the flat output of a console. Traversing along bridges, through caves and over water in 3D makes the adventure that much more enjoyable on the 3DS.

An inviting pick up and play title, 'Heroes' is not revolutionary game but it does take a common formula and update it in an original way.


Heroes Of Ruin Heroes Of Ruin
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: n-Space
ESRB Rating: T for Teen
Official Site:
Rating: 8 / 10

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