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WWE 13 puts series back on track

Nov 16, 2012

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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WWE 13It is no secret that I was not too impressed with WWE 12. Last year, developers Yuke's changed the combat system making it far less complicated to pull off moves, which in turn made the long-time wrestling franchise accessible to more fans. The problem with that was it limited the number of moves each wrestler had. The new reversal and targeting systems were buggy. The objective-based system proved somewhat frustrating and ruined the natural flow of the matches, even though the campaign mode was deeper than ever before.

This year with WWE 13, Yuke's has redeemed themselves by fine-tuning the new ideas and refining them. Now, everything works much better. The combat controls remain the same but the reversal system is implemented in a far better way and the targeting bugs are gone. To attempt a reversal, all you need to do is get your timing right and hit Right Trigger when prompted. Once you get the rhythm down, your chances are very good at regaining the momentum.

WWE 13 Objective-based matches have also returned although Yuke's has incorporated them seamlessly into each bout. Stealing a page out of the 2009 release - Legends of WrestleMania - the objectives are based on historical events. When wrestling The Rock as Ken Shamrock at the 1998 King of the Ring, you will be required to win the match by getting the Great One to submit to the Ankle Lock Submission move as that is what happened at the actual event. During the classic and unforgettable Undertaker versus Mankind Hell in a Cell match, you must throw Mankind off the top of the cell and through the announce table below to successfully progress. The objectives aren't distracting providing an extra challenge to veteran players who have run the gambit of twists and turns. Completing the objectives unlocks new wrestlers, arenas and bonus matches to play.

WWE 13 Some of the objectives are trigged by special OMG! Moments which have been worked into the bouts. All a player needs to do is press the correct button when instructed to and the moment will play itself out in a cut-scene. Players can also trigger their own OMG! Moments by saving up their Finishers and using them at various locations in the ring and around the area. If you have a saved Finisher and Irish Whip a foe into the ring-side barricade, you can activate the OMG! Moment and spear your opponent right through the barricade. If you do the same at the announce table, you will put them through it. Wrestling fans who have been clamouring for the return of “environmental hotspots” will be fiendishly rubbing their hands together. We only wish there were more OMG! Moments like being able to slam someone off the entrance ramp or throw them through the signs or rigging. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction for Yuke's.

WWE 13's campaign mode is one of the best ever brought to the franchise. Celebrating the raucous ECW-inspired era of the WWE which shone the spotlight on such stars as Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X and even Chairman, CEO Vince McMahon, the Attitude Era Mode replaces Road to WrestleMania. The campaign consists of 65 matches in six themed-categories: the Rise of DX, Austin 3:16, the Brothers of Destruction, The Great One, Mankind, and WrestleMania XV. Players switch between various personalities to play out the greatest moments of the Attitude Era including the infamous Montreal Screwjob, Austin's title win over Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XIV, the Undertaker versus Mankind Hell in a Cell match, the formation of the New Age Outlaws and the arrival of Kane.

WWE 13 To enhance the historical significance of the package, Yuke's has painstakingly put together 60 cut scenes and produced 20 video packages, which included recreating those classic moments. There is also written content accompanying each match to set the stage for the action that's to follow. Yuke's desire to be as detailed as possible has to be admired. The results will definitely take fans back to a momentous time in WWE history.

The much-acclaimed WWE Universe mode is back. Yuke's picked the brain of former ECW personality and owner Paul Heyman as they tackled the job of improving it. Statistics and rankings have returned and there seems to be more interactivity and editable options than before. It is far from being perfect but it certainly flows much better.

Like Drew McIntyre's wrestling career, the WWE series is finally back on track. Yuke's has tightened all of the ring bolts and ropes removing all of the confusion that has surrounded the series over the last few years.


WWE 13 WWE 13
Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Yuke's
ESRB Rating: T for Teen
Official Site:
Rating: 8 / 10


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