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Become a predator in 'Crysis 3'

Mar 6, 2013

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Crysis 3They say the suit makes the man. Never has this been truer than in 'Crysis 3'. The cybernetic nanosuit is the star of the game giving the player all manner of super powers and wicked abilities which can be triggered with the touch a button.

For those unfamiliar with the series, here is the Reader's Digest version of the story thus far. The memories of Delta Force Major Laurence "Prophet" Barnes and the body, memories of a Force Recon Marine named Alcatraz have been stored in one of the aforementioned nanosuits.

Now known simply as "Prophet", you are on mission to fight aliens (The Ceph) who have invaded our mudball Earth and also C.E.L.L. (Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics), a private military company and the biggest troublemakers ever. Prophet has joined a group of resistance fighters to keep the technology out of the hands of both enemies.

Crysis 3 That's the long and short of the unnecessary 'Crysis 3' plot, which, let's face it, most will probably ignore as they do their best Iron Man impression. The nanosuit is what makes the 'Crysis' experience. You can build up its powers but right out of the gate you have two active suit abilities: a force field and camouflage. Both run on rechargeable energy so they only operate for a limited time until you strengthen them. The force field protects you from attack which comes in handy when you are forced into the open, such as when you take out turrets or snipers.

Camouflage makes you invisible for a period of time. The only drawback is if you use anything else but the crossbow (more on that later) to vanquish targets, you will be spotted. Maybe much to the developers' chagrin, the best part of the camouflage ability is, if you are tired of engaging in long, drawn-out gun battles, you can effectively sneak by enemy hordes to reach checkpoints. The choice to change the gameplay from shooter to stealth on the fly is a huge bonus.

Crysis 3 Mimicking a 'Predator' like feel, if you team the camouflage ability with the crossbow, you can run riot undetected as crossbow hits don't affect your invisibility. The one thing to keep in mind is to collect those arrow bolts from your fallen victims as you have a limited supply.
The suit's vision has built-in tech as well letting you analyze enemies to find their weak points, hack into turrets, computer and doors and has infra-red vision too.

As is always the case with the Crysis series, the game looks remarkable. The scenery, the cut-scenes and characters are all meticulously crafted and presented.

Where the third installment doesn't wow players is in its mission or level types. There is nothing in Crysis 3 you haven't seen before. There is the destroy-the-super-structure level, there is the driving level, and there is the defend-a-checkpoint level. It is not that any of them are poorly constructed or devised, not at all. They are demanding in every way. They just don't push the boundaries or evolve gameplay.

'Crysis 3' doesn't quite measure up to the previous installments in the saga but the camouflage, Predator bow combination never gets old sniping The Ceph and The C.E.L.L. Fun times.


Crysis 3 Crysis 3
Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Crytek
ESRB Rating: M for Mature (17+)
Official Site:
Rating: 7 / 10


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