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Microsoft reveals next Xbox

May 22, 2013

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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New XboxXbox wants to be your only One.

Ahead of the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft pulled the curtain back today on their next-gen entertainment system: Xbox One. It is a system Microsoft promises will be the only entertainment system a household will ever need.

Demonstrated at Microsoft's Washington headquarters, One will be available in stores later this year and come complete with built-in Wi-Fi, a Blu-Ray player and will launch with 15 exclusive titles in the first year, 8 being new gaming franchises to Xbox. It will have 8GB of Ram, 64-bit architecture and a 500GB hard drive.

“Today, we put you at the centre of a new generation in the living room where your games feel and look like nothing else. Where your television becomes more intelligent, where all of your entertainment comes to life in one place,” said Don Mattrick, Microsoft's president of interactive entertainment business.

New Xbox In an attempt to make television “more intelligent”, Microsoft touted One as a companion to your current set-top cable box. One will communicate with all of the devices in your living room. Through the new Kinect interface, One will allow users to switch instantly from music, movie, television or gaming content. There will be a personal pane which will conveniently keep track of all your favorite television series and there will be a built-in television guide. The new Trending screen will display the media that is popular with your friends and the Xbox Live community itself. When you login to One, it will display your home screen displaying which movies, television series you were watching last and which games you have been playing.

To support their widening of the television experience, Microsoft also announced a new Halo live action television show which will be produced by Steven Spielberg.

New Xbox “For me, the Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at the intersection where technology and myth-making meet to produce something that is really ground-breaking,” said Spielberg in a satellite message.

Taking the television one step further, One also integrates Skype, the video communication service Microsoft purchased in 2011. With One, owners can launch group video chats over their systems.

The Kinect interface and the controllers have been redesigned too. Kinect will recognize the voices of your entire family and according to Microsoft, will sense even the slightest movement of your wrist or ankle as you play games. It will supposedly be able to monitor your heartbeat as you exercise too. The main camera can record 1080P RGB video at 30 frames per second. The hand-held controller itself is sleeker looking and will have feedback in the triggers.

New Xbox Using a built in PVR and video editors, gamers will be able to capture and edit game footage to share with their friends and Xbox Live.

Microsoft showed off a slew of EA gaming titles for One as well as Call of Duty: Ghost and Quantum Break, which seems to integrate live action cut scenes with digital gameplay.

Microsoft promised to reveal more One details at E3.

One follows the popular Xbox 360 which was launched in 2005. As of April, 2013, Microsoft has sold 77.2 million 360 units world-wide.

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