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True Believers will love ‘Lego: Marvel’

Nov 4, 2013

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Lego: Marvel Super HeroesStand tall, True Believers. Your time has come. The Marvel Universe has finally been Legoized. With over 100 playable Marvel characters and all of New York City to explore, ‘Lego: Marvel Super Heroes’ may be the most in-depth and faithful Marvel game to hit your console since ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance’.

As much as I try to avoid it, there is no side-stepping the comparison that has to be made between ‘Marvel Super Heroes’ and last year’s ‘Lego Batman 2’, my favorite kids game of 2012. Although both games are a blast for kids from 9 to 90, ‘Marvel’ is a more polished and developed adventure that’s really in tune with the Marvel Universe and its fans.

Lego: Marvel Super HeroesThe sprawling storyline begins with the Silver Silver’s surf board being blasted into Cosmic Bricks. The bricks fall to Earth and are immediately targeted by Doctor Doom and his impromptu Legion of Doom who desire the unlimited power the bricks possess. To put a stop to Doom and his plans to build the ultimate WMD, Nick Fury enlists a Who's Who of the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men and many, many more. 

The happenings weave in and out of the themes and locations of the Marvel heroes. The way there are introduced and worked into the story is done with more purpose than ‘Lego Batman 2’, which for the most part, just injected heroes on the fly. As Hawkeye and Black Widow, you will track the Red Skull and Hydra to their secret hideout. When Stark Tower falls under the control of the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian, Iron Man and Captain America arrive on the scene. When the X-Mansion is attacked by the Juggernaut, you round up the X-Men to give Professor Xavier’s step brother the boot. Whether you are turning up the heat on Frost Giants in Asgard or ringing Venom’s bell in the Oscorp laboratories, ‘Marvel’ is an extensive guided tour of the familiar cornerstone settings of the Marvel Universe.

Lego: Marvel Super HeroesMarvel’s puzzles are really straightforward. They usually require you to match up a hero’s special ability with obstacles. Black Widow can cloak herself and slip through security systems. The Human Torch can melt gold objects. Hawkeye’s arrows can destroy silver objects and provide anchors for heroes to swing from. Wolverine can dig with his claws and slice through certain doors and walls. For the more complex puzzles, you will need to call upon two or more heroes to get the job done with each playing an essential role in the solution.

When you want to take a break from the campaign you can earn special bricks and studs by exploring New York City which is more highly developed than Gotham City in ‘Lego: Batman 2’. There, you will find citizens who need your assistance and also some distinctive side-quests consisting of more infamous baddies to bring to justice. There are also 15 Deadpool bonus missions which open after you have finished the 15 campaign levels.

Lego: Marvel Super HeroesWhat is most curious about ‘Lego: Marvel Super Heroes’ is developer TT Games is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game’s publisher. Anyone who knows their comic books understands Warner Brother also owns DC Comics which is Marvel Comics’ main rival in the entertainment world. Despite this, the two companies have banded together in the past on many successful projects such as the ‘DC Versus Marvel’, ‘Avengers/JLA’ and ‘Batman – Punisher’ series of comics. ‘Lego: Marvel Super Heroes’ is another example of the two powerhouses setting aside any differences they might have and using their powerful creative resources to produce something exceptional. ‘Lego: Marvel Super Heroes’ showcases not only the best the Marvel Universe has to offer but the best of the Warner Brothers Interactive division.

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes Lego: Marvel Super Heroes
Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: TT Games
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
Official Site:

Rating: 9 / 10

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