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‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ spins its web

May 13, 2014

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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>Amazing Spider-Man 2Canadian developer Beenox has taken our web-swinging hero in many bold directions. In ‘Shattered Dimensions’, we were introduced to Spider-Men from four alternate dimensions. In ‘Edge of Time’, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man joined forces to prevent Peter Parker’s death. Those games expanded the Spider-Man universe and told very distinctive stories. “The Amazing Spider-Man’ continued where the film left off taking the characters in a new direction. That, in itself, was quite appealing as it magnified the ideas presented in the feature film. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ takes the same approach but with very limited success due to production values which are just not up to scratch.

The story is certainly not as nearly as strong or as inspired. While investigating his uncle’s murder, Spider-Man becomes entangled in a New York City gang war involving Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter and the maniacal Carnage. Also stuck in the middle of things is Peter Parker’s pal: Harry Osborn. There are also appearances by Shocker, Black Cat and some other familiar faces.
Beyond this, there is very little else to the narrative. The plot is about as strong as a karate chop from Aunt May, which is unusual for Beenox since they have weaved those inventive Spider-Man tales in the past.

>Amazing Spider-Man 2Crisscrossing the city, you web-sling from one chapter of the terse campaign to the next. Guard this vehicle. Clear that hideout. Rescue this person. Search that building. Interview this person. Destroy that device. Nothing too deep but still entertaining except for the interview segments. In them, you wander around, examine objects and chat to people before finally splitting the scene and getting back to the action. While they may play off Parker's job at the Daily Bugle, with very little interactivity and no clues to put together; these missions would have been better off as cut-scenes or abandoned entirely in favour of more action-packed missions.

When you are not embroiled in the gang war, you can free roam and tackle secondary tasks like in the other Beenox Spider-Man adventures, such as completing photo assignments, cleaning up neighbourhoods of bad guys, participating in races and rescuing citizens. For completing these tasks and the campaign missions you receive points which you can use to improve your Spider-Sense, unlock attacks, increase your web-swinging prowess, etc. Unlike the earlier games though, the bulk of the alternative suits you can collect and wear must be unlocked by clearing specific Russian hide-outs of all their forces.

>Amazing Spider-Man 2When the cut-scenes start rolling and the story begins to unfold, it becomes quite apparent that ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ is not nearly as finely crafted as ‘Shattered Dimensions’ or ‘Edge of Time’. By and large, the production will not meet the expectations of anyone who has played through those titles. That said, ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has the identical gameplay and mechanics which made the preceding installments great. Admirers of the comics and of Activision’s video game series will be far more forgiving than your casual fan whose interest in Spider-Man begins and ends with the movies and haven't had their patience tested with the Clone Saga or The Superior Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Amazing Spider-Man 2
Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Beenox
ESRB Rating: T for Teen
Official Site:

Rating: 7 / 10

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