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Homegrown developer pays tribute to X-Men

May 23, 2014

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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>Days of Future PastWhen they first put pen to paper, comic book legends John Byrne, Chris Claremont and Terry Austin could not have known what impact their 'Days of Future Past' storyline would have on the X-Men for years to come. Besides their ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ (which was utterly eviscerated in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’) no other event has shaped the lives of everyone’s favourite mutants.

For those who might have been sleeping under a rock, in short, 'Days of Future Past' depicts an alternate future in which mutant-hunting robots - known as the Sentinels - rule the United States and have interned mutants in prison camps. Mutants and other superhumans who resist incarceration are brutally slain. The Sentinels were put into production as a security force by the United States government when mutant hysteria reached a fevered pitch. Fast forward to the present day, where the X-Men are warned about the future and attempt to alter history before it is too late.

>Days of Future PastBesides the Marvel dice and paper role-playing game, fans have never been able to play through the epic storyline‚Ķuntil now. Glitchsoft, a Kanata, Ontario developer, has released ‘Days of Future Past’ for iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices. 

Unlocking Wolverine, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Colossus, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Polaris and Magneto as they advance through the adventure, players will travel through not only the subways and back alleys of the nightmarish future but also the Xavier Institute, the Savage Land, Asteroid M and eventually Master Mold’s lair in the present day to thwart the rise of the Sentinels. 

>Days of Future PastX-Men regulars such as Nightcrawler, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (under Mystique’s leadership) and others appear to round out the story.

In this modern side-scroller, you explore the various environments battling enemies, avoiding traps, executing critical jumps and challenging the various bosses. There are collectibles to gather and powers, alternative costumes to unlock.

What separates Days of Future Past though from other familiar mobile side-strollers is the care and attention paid to all of the fine details. The seminal storyline itself is faithfully adapted and expanded with clear admiration for the source material. The animated backgrounds featuring Sentinels stomping by on patrol, spotlights scanning the skies, smoke rising from the sewers are cool touches that really bring the scenes to life. The special powers, moves and animations specific to each character really show that the developers had a firm understanding of each heroes’ history and nuances. The driving cyber punk soundtrack, evoking fond memories of the Terminator series, is the icing on this digital cake. 

>Days of Future PastThe best part is there are no in-app purchases to make. All of the characters upgrades and costumes are included in the $2.99 price.

Clearly, this is a game developed by fans for fans. It has been a long time coming but Days of Future Past the video game has been well worth the wait.

Days of Future Past Days of Future Past
Format: iPad
Publisher: Glitchsoft
Developer: Glitchsoft
ESRB Rating: 9+
Official Site:

Rating: 7 / 10

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