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Marvel Heroes join Disney Infinity

Oct 9, 2014

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super HeroesDo you like frost giants? You know, those humungous, icicle-spitting, stalactite-wielding brutes at the command of the evil trickster Loki? Well, you had better because you will be fighting a lot of them in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, the sequel to the exceptional 2013 game.

Besides the game itself, included in the 2.0 starter set is the Infinity base, Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor figurines, The Avengers play set, a web code card, a poster and 2 game discs. Like the other Disney Infinity sets, the figurines themselves are finely detailed and quite the display pieces on their own. By placing the figurines and play set tokens on the Infinity base, characters can be swapped, enter or exit a game and different adventures can be started, stopped. It should be known though that only characters associated with certain play sets can be used. For example: You cannot use a Jack Sparrow figurine with the Marvel Heroes play sets.

Those who own the original Disney Infinity sets should also be aware that while those figurines and power discs can be used in 2.0 but the play sets cannot. Alternatively, all of the 2.0 figures, play sets, power discs and toy box game discs cannot be used with the original Disney Infinity sets.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super HeroesLike the other Disney Infinity installments, there is a main campaign and a Toy Box mode where players can design their own levels or experiences and share those with the online Disney Infinity community.

The Avengers play set pits Earth's Mightiest Heroes against Loki and his frost giant minions who are bringing a deep freeze to New York City and at the same time, recreating the troublesome Casket of Ancient Winters.

The adventure begins with Avengers Tower being invaded by Loki and his frost giant cronies. Once that threat is mopped up, the heroes take to the streets of New York City meeting up with Nick Fury, The Wasp and Sif who have even more missions for them to embark on. The adventures themselves vary from saving citizens, escourting S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, destroying Loki's weather machines to beating back waves and waves of bitter, angry frost giants.

The weakest part of the Avengers adventure is there are but two boss battles and the missions revolve around frost giants, frost giants and more frost giants. With all the characters available in the Marvel universe, it is disappointing to not have any other bosses or enemies to encounter.

New York City is also quite the bore too. Except for finding hidden tokens, locating guides for new missions and a few bonus mini-games, there isn't a whole lot to do. Once you have kicked the crap out of a few vehicles and thrown around a few citizens, participated in a few races, you realize this Big Apple is really hollow at its core.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super HeroesThe characters themselves have been improved in 2.0. Thor and Iron Man can fly but in an annoying quirk, if they bump into buildings they spiral downwards out of control. Not sure why they can't just bounce off buildings and keep going about their merry way. Non-flying characters like Black Widow can use S.H.I.E.L.D. hover cycles to soar around the city but the vehicles are clunky to operate and when they hit a building, passengers are knocked out of their seats. Without these vehicles though, it takes characters like Black Widow forever to get anywhere unless another flying heroes carry them in co-op mode. Grounded characters can use special S.H.I.E.L.D. leap pads which bounce them to the tops of buildings although they are not very helpful when trying to get to certain locations quickly. There are a host of legacy camera issues too which have not been resolved which make aiming, controlling your character a bit annoying at times.

On the positive side, characters can now level up to 20 and there is a Skill Tree which grants additional abilities and powers earned by completing missions, collecting points. For example: When improved, Black Widow can fire with two guns instead of one and Thor can hit a wide area of villains with a lightening blast, which is very, very cool. Characters from related play sets can be brought into the adventures now by collecting special tokens hidden throughout the play set.

The popular Toy Box feature allowing players to create their own levels or worlds is back with over 300 Toy Boxes available right out of the gate. It is easier to navigate than ever before with lots of helping hands to make your projects far simpler to dream into life.

Exciting as it is to see Marvel Super Heroes join the Disney Infinity family and some improvements made to the overall game, the lack of creativity in the campaign makes Marvel Super Heroes a hard sell especially when compared to other competitive titles like the LEGO superhero games which offer more characters, more foes, more adventures right out of the box and for far less.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Avalanche Software
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Official Site:

Rating: 6 / 10

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