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Smash Brothers has it all

Nov 21, 2014

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Super Smash Bros.It is time to smash and crash again.

Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, all of the Nintendo all-stars and more have returned to battle it out in the franchise's debut on the Nintendo Wii U.

This ain't your Nintendo Wii or N64's Super Smash Bros. though. Story mode has been drop-kicked into the stratosphere and replaced by 8-Man Brawl, Special Brawl and the Smash Tour. It is a shame too as story mode is what made Super Smash Bros. more than just a beat 'em up, multiplayer party game. For good or for bad, with it gone that's what we are left with.

Super Smash Bros.Special Brawl is worth the price of admission alone. Zany and crazy anything is possible in Special Brawl. Smash Tour is a bit of a downer. More for the party crowd, this digital board game alternates between collecting power ups and players brawling. Playing with a group of pals, Tour could be a fun way to pass part of an evening. 8-Man Brawl gives you exactly what you want: pure unadulterated mayhem. Enter the fray and go wild or wait, bide your time and lay the smackdown on weakened players. It is all good.

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U has the largest roster of smashers ever presented, so there is someone for everyone to latch onto. For the first time, you can also suit up your Miis for battle, if you want to make things personal and customize any of the characters to your liking. There is a multitude of Challenges and Events in which you can unlock all sorts of prizes, items.
The mini-games are fun time-wasters. You can gamble, play Nintendo's version of Angry Birds in Target Blast, participate in a home run contest and defeat as many characters in a Survival mode.

Super Smash Bros.In short, there is a ton of stuff here to pour though, so much in fact that newbies at first may not even stumble across all that there is to do at first glance.

The biggest addition to this version of Super Smash Brothers though is the amiibo figures. Nintendo's version of Skylanders or Disney Infinity figures, amiibos are sold separately for approximately $13.00 each. The figures can be connected to certain Wii U games by simply tapping them onto the GamePad controller. They will interact in different ways depending on which game you are playing. The difference between the amiibo and Skylanders, Disney figures is you don't actually control the amiibo characters in the game, at least not in Super Smash Brothers.

Super Smash Bros.In Super Smash Bros., you can add the amiibo figures as your sidekicks, fight against them, customize them, train them, level them up and battle a friend's amiibo. Effectively, the ammibos act as your tag team partners. As they gain strength and power, they are able to bring back items and gifts to you, making it easier for you to level yourself up and increase your power.

Super Smash Bros. is overkill at its finest. Not everything will engage or thrill but there is just so much to achieve, see and do, that you won't be bored any time soon.

Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.
Format: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Sora Ltd.
ESRB Rating: E10

Official Site:

Rating: 8 / 10

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