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Atmosphere dominates Far Cry 4

Nov 28, 2014

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Far Cry 4Hidden away from the prying eyes of the Western world, Kyrat is the jewel of the Himalayas. With its majestic mountains, fertile jungles and streaming waterways, Kyrat is an environment full of adventure and mystery.

Steeped in tradition and what appears to be a genuine ancient culture, it is hard to believe that it is only a fictional setting.

The world of Kyrat and all of its secrets and eccentric inhabitants (both animal and human) is both one of the most beautiful and treacherous environments I have ever played though. It, beyond anything else, will pull you into Far Cry 4, the very best chapter in the adventure, shooter series from Ubisoft.

Far Cry 4We play as Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati who fled with his mother as a child and was raised in America. Weary of the dictatorship ruling their country, Ajay's parents formed The Golden Path, a revolutionary group of freedom fighters determined to bring an end to Pagan Min's reign.

Returning to Kyrat following the death of his mother, Ajay is kidnapped by the tyrant and becomes entangled in Kyrat's on-going civil war. Exalting Ajay and his heritage, the rebels see him as their chosen leader and attempt to recruit him. Thing is, The Golden Path is involved in its own civil war with its two primary leaders struggling for control. Sooner or later, Ajay will have to choose a side and that decision affects not only your future missions but the storyline, future of Kyrat itself.

Far Cry 4As bombastic and cruel as any James Bond baddie, Pagan Min (voiced with sadistic glee by Troy Baker) is a formidable, charismatic presence but totally underutilized in Far Cry 4. He enters the story with a bang and then entirely fizzles out throughout the rest of the campaign.

The campaign and side missions entail everything from hunting animals to defending a village from attack to battling in a savage arena and destroying drug factories. You can take a break from the warring factions by hunting, crafting and reclaiming towers, outposts as you did in Far Cry 3.

Also, as in Far Cry 3, there is an underlying supernatural element, influence that can grant you insights and powers beyond those of the mortal world. While exploring the trippy Shangri-la, you and your tiger friends take on demons and watch as your enemies turn into human barbecue.

Far Cry 4One big change to Far Cry 4 is you can use the local wildlife to your advantage. You can bulldoze through the bad guys while riding elephants or you can entice all creatures great and small to munch on your adversaries by feeding them.

Far Cry 4 is everything you liked about Far Cry 3, only better. Even though there are an assortment of major improvements, the problem is sometimes you feel like all you are doing is playing an updated version of Far Cry 3, especially since the storyline is so insubstantial. There isn't a whole lot that is surprising or new here but stomping soldiers with an elephant never, ever grows old.

Far Cry 4 Far Cry 4
Format: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Sora Ltd.
ESRB Rating: E10

Official Site:

Rating: 8 / 10

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