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Hunt or be hunted in Evolve

Feb 17, 2015

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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EvolveBe very, very quiet...we're hunting Goliaths. Or is that Krakens? Or is it Wraiths or Behemoths or...humans!?!? Whatever or whoever we are hunting, we've got a serious fight on our hands.

Whether you are the hunter or the hunted in Evolve, the squad-based cooperative, competitive shooter by Turtle Rock Studios, the minds behind Left for Dead, you are in for fast and furious firefights. The breakneck pace and rhythm keeps you moving, shooting, chomping, running and clawing from the moment the match begins until it ends, no matter which side you are on. About the only place you can catch your breath is in the lobby.

EvolveIf you side with the jet-pack propelled Hunters, the primary goal of each brawl for it all is to trap and kill a skyscraper-sized beast that could give Godzilla a run for his money. That is far easier said than done, of course. Each Monster not only has a few tricks up its sleeve, like flame-thrower breath that can barbecue you in an instant but by devouring their prey of humans or other animals, they can evolve into biggest, stronger, faster and deadly foes. The Monsters are not the only things that can ruin your day though. The resident creatures of the planet Shear and the Monster's minions can and will often distract you from your true prey.

Although there is no character customization in Evolve, there are four Hunter classes with three personalities each: Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support. Assault brutes pack the most punch with their armor-piercing firepower. The agile trappers can contain the Monster with enormous force fields and harpoons. Support can lay down fire as well as make their allies temporarily invisible. Medics, whose job is to keep everyone alive and with all of the massive damage that is being dealt by the Monsters, are arguably the most important part of the crew.

EvolveTogether, the only way any squad can survive is to work together to accomplish their goals which, depending on the mode, can be more than just bagging the beast. It could include defending power relays on the planet, rescuing colonists trying to escape the hostile planet or locating, destroying the Monster's eggs before its spawn can follow in its parent's gigantic footsteps.

Just like the Hunters, each of the Monsters has its own strengths. Goliaths are great leapers who hurl boulders and breathe fire. Krakens rely on long-range strikes like lightning and energy attacks. Wraiths are all about stealth and Behemoths are slow but the most powerful Monsters in the game using their tongues and lava as weapons.
Chasing or being chased through Shear's mountainous environment with its towering, ragged cliffs and cavernous gorges is as frantic as any good racing game.

EvolveEven with jet-packs on, hunters may find traversing Shear to be a challenge in itself. Despite the lack of customization and the fact that some of the matches can devolve into clusterclucks in close-quarters where it is hard to tell what is going on and why, Evolve will have a longer shelf life than most multiplayer games because of its frenzied action even though it has as much story as Avatar. At first glance, the Humans are good and the Monsters are bad and that's all you really need to know.

Like all great squad-based shooters what will keep you coming back for more Evolve is a simple concept that is done really, really well. It is why 2004's Star Wars Battlefront still has players gliding over Hoth with their Jedis and stomping enemies into the ground with AT-AT walkers daily all these years later. People never get tired of a real good thing and Evolve is a darn good thing.

Evolve Evolve
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
ESRB Rating: M for Mature

Official Site:

Rating: 8 / 10

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