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State of Decay remains mouldy

May 1, 2015

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionThey are coming to get you Marcus, again.

Undead Labs' tribute to Romero's 'Dead' series has been resurrected for the Xbox One and although the original State of Decay's heart, spleen and kidneys were all in the right places, it was a muddled endeavour back in 2013 and unfortunately, remains so today.

The difference between State and other games like Dead Island, Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead is that fortifying your base, whether it be an abandoned church, farm house or dilapidated mansion, is the priority as well as gaining the trust of other survivors for your roster of playable characters. Scavenging for supplies such as food and medicine for your group and completing tasks, missions, goes a long way to recruiting more colleagues which you will need when you luck eventually runs out…and it will.

State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionWhen your character dies in State of Decay, they are truly dead as upon kicking the bucket, you immediately switch to one of your standbys. Some who like investing time and effort in one particular character, may find this dynamic very disconcerting, others may like the reincarnation aspect. It depends on your point of view.

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition looks much better on the Xbox One but the graphics are still nothing close to next-gen quality and many of the bugs like phasing through the environment like The Vision from Avengers, the collision detection and some camera problems have not been addressed at all.

State of Decay: Year One Survival EditionThe included DLC content is a mixed bag as well. In Breakdown, you survive as long as you can with six characters. There is no storyline or campaign. In Lifeline, you assume the role of military soldiers and a commander rescuing survivors and protecting your base near the city of Danforth. The focus is on cracking skulls rather than cabinets for supplies although the scenario map is very small.

When it comes to the graphics, gameplay and technical hiccups, nothing has really changed for State of Decay and there are far better choices if you are in the mood for an open world zombie apocalypse. As it was in 2013, the unpolished State of Decay remains as the starting point for something truly great. Still, if you can overlook the assorted issues, there is certainly some fun to be had mulching, shooting, bashing and splattering those pesky zombies.

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Undead Labs
ESRB Rating: M for Mature

Official Site:

Rating: 5 / 10

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