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Godzilla game just blowing smoke

Jul 20, 2015

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Godzilla: The GameGodzilla may be the king of all monsters but when it comes to video games, Gojira has had his fair share of duds. Suffering from dull gameplay or poorly utilized characters, the only real standout release over the years has been Godzilla: Save the Earth from Atari in 2004.

You would think with the next-gen console era upon us that Godzilla fans would finally get the gaming experience they deserve. Like 1998 American film though, Godzilla: The Game is about as appealing as Hedora, The Smog Monster. Yech.

Godzilla: The Game is on point when it comes to its portrayals of the legendary monsters or Kaiju that fans have come to know and love. King Ghidorah, Mothra, Battra and my personal favourites SpaceGodzilla and Mechagodzilla, are just some of the playable characters and enemies available. Even such B-listers as Gabara, Ebirah and Manda have been included. Each has all of the abilities and all of the powers you would expect and the character cut scenes introducing them really do the monsters justice. Little things like Mechagodzilla's head sparking and popping off during battle are cool little touches.

Godzilla: The GameOutside of the Kaiju, many of the Godzilla war machines and vehicles make appearances too such as the Super X attack craft from The Return of Godzilla and the Maser Cannons which first appeared in Toho's War of the Gargantuas and then later in Godzilla vs. Gigan.

While the detailed nods to the Godzilla films are endearing, the gameplay is not. It boggles the mind that a game about giant monsters laying waste to cities and each other could be so absolutely boring but Godzilla: The Game is just that. Unlike Godzilla: Save the Earth, there is very little fun to be had here unless you are a hardcore Zilla fan.

Godzilla: The GameThe main campaign - God of Destruction Mode – is one, repetitive attack on a city after another while talking heads from the Japanese government and G-Force babble on. Whereas the wanton destruction in Save the Earth was so crazy and so silly, Godzilla: The Game's gets tiresome faster than Rodan can fly. The goal is to destroy the same generators to absorb their power, stomp on the same tanks and swipe at the same helicopters. The only element that mixes things up is at least one Kaiju will appear to oppose your onslaught. Besides that, each level just plays out like the last and without any real creativity, it doesn't take very long for you to find yourself going through the motions until a Kaiju shows up.

To make matters worse, Godzilla moves at a turtle's pace. That may be in line with the movies but it doesn't make for a fast-paced, gaming experience. At least in Save the Earth you could jump and charge to cover ground. In The Game, you just plod along like a three-legged elephant. So slow. So terrible.

Godzilla: The GameThere are other game modes to explore once God of Destruction has bored you to tears, which it will. King of Kaiju are timed battles against six different enemies. Evolution mode is where all of the abilities you have earned while playing Destruction Mode appear. You will be able to use your atomic breath to fly, blow smoke rings and discover other really entertaining homages to the movies. Diorama Mode is a mini construction tool where you can recreate scenes and battles from the movies. Honestly though, does even the most die-hard fan want to waste their time with that? I really doubt it.

Being able to play as multiple characters in multiple modes does add a lot of replayability to Godzilla: The Game but it is not enough to attract the casual gamer. The main campaign, the primary selling point, is so weak and so underdeveloped, it will turn away most who don't have appreciation for Godzilla goodness. Need your Zilla fix? Hunt down Save the Earth. It may be an oldie but it is still a goodie.

Godzilla: The Game Godzilla: The Game
Format: PlayStation 4
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Developer: Natsume Atari Inc.
ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Official Site:

Rating: 3 / 10

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