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Halo evolves: Guardians' new features

Oct 28, 2015

By John and Justin Powell - G4 Canada

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Halo 5Halo Guardians is all about change. From the way combat has truly evolved to Master Chief sharing the stage with a new protagonist - Spartan Agent Locke - Guardians has transformed the Halo experience more than any other.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

Going To War

In the new multiplayer War Zone mode, two teams of 12 players battle each other and A.I. enemies. There are two ways to win: score 1,000 points or detonate the opposing team's core, power thingy.

Clobberin' Time

Halo 5All Spartans have a new ability: the ground smash. Leaping high into the air, they can come crashing down on enemies with devastating, concussive force.

Making Moves

Spartans can not only climb ledges, they can slide, charge, hover and use a built-in thruster pack.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

The REQ (Requisition System) is an idea the development team has been pondering for some time, since many are specialty card collectors. The REQ System is a reward system unlocking armour, weapons, skins, etc. REQs cards can be purchased with points achieved in Arena or Warzone matchmaking. Some of the rewards are permanent and some are one-use only.

Halo 5Team Command

Although you cannot switch between the members of your team (you always remain as Locke or Master Chief) you can order your forces around to a certain extent. This comes in handy when wanting to draw enemy fire, flank your foes or target one enemy over others. The A.I. characters themselves are somewhat fleshed-out in the campaign and do a more than adequate job of taking out baddies for you.

First Aid

One very useful addition to Guardians is that with a flick of a button you can summon the closest member of your team to come heal you so you can finish the fight. You can also heal your teammates or command them to heal each other. This feature saves a lot of time and effort and is probably the one players will be most thankful for.

Halo 5Scoping Things Out

Every weapon now (including the energy sword) has the ability to zoom in thanks to the Smart-Link Aiming System. The only drawbacks are that they only zoom in so far, the enemy A.I. being able to teleport, dodge, oddly sensing your targeting and being knocked out of zoom whenever you are shot. Because of these things, Guardians doesn't really support a sniping strategy. Players should also know that when using this system in the air, they will hover for a short time before landing.

Tag Team Campaign

In order to search for his A.I. bestie Cortana, Master Chief and his team have broken ranks, and snubbed the UNSC. Our new hero, Agent Locke, and his team are tasked with bringing Master Chief in. Players bounce between and play both teams throughout the campaign, so in a sense, there are two storylines running simultaneously in Halo: Guardians.

Halo 5Fire It Up

There are two new weapons: the Hydra Launcher, a grenade launcher which when zoomed can lock on targets and the Plasma Caster, which charges up and fires sticky plasma grenades.

Four-Player Co-op Play

Since there are two teams to command, it naturally follows that Halo co-op has also advanced to feature four player co-op as well. Unfortunately, there is no local play only online.

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