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New Bravely Default is qwarktastic!

April 13, 2016

By John and Justin Powell - G4 Canada

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Bravely DefaultIf there is one thing that’s a given in a sword and sorcery RPG and that is leaders are such jerks. Whether kings, monarchs, princes, presidents or premiers, more times than not the person who holds the reins of power is a megalomaniacal, egotistical asshat.

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Kaiser Oblivion, the leader of the Glanz Empire, is a royal pain in more ways than one. Along with his cryst-fairy Anne, the jerk kidnaps Agnès Oblige, the Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. I mean, how low do you gotta be to abduct a pope?


Bravely DefaultAs Yew Geneolgia, leader of Agnès' bodyguards and sole heir to Geneolgia Manor, you and Crystalguard pals Janne and Nikolai, track Agnès to Oblivion’s airship, the Skyhold, to stage a daring rescue.

On your journey from town to town, you encounter enemies to battle just like Final Fantasy or Pokemon. There are also scores of dungeons to explore and each is designated with a recommended level, which is displayed on the map itself. This is so you never bite off more than you can chew. Some of the enemies you will encounter are goblins, trolls, Imperial soldiers, wolves, apple sprites and many more.

The dungeons are littered with special items which come in handy as well as treasure chests filled with glittery gold.

Bravely DefaultAs you level up your job or class, you gain special abilities which are divided into two categories: Command and Support. Command abilities are used to achieve various effects while Support abilities work by being equipped. In combat, you have the choice of attacking, using an ability, Default Brave, use an item or run. With Default you can store up power and then use Brave to unleash it on your enemies. Defaulting alone though allows you to store up power and use that to defend against enemy attacks. Stored or banked Brave can be employed to perform multiple actions in a single round but this often sends your reserves into the negatives. You recover one point per turn.

By defeating certain formidable enemies, you can acquire their powerful artifacts that bestow various powers. On your vengeful excursion, you can purchase weapons, armour and magic to strengthen your party. There are multiple classes of weapons. There are swords, axes, spears, rods, staves, daggers, bows, katanas, knuckles, great swords and even firearms.

Bravely DefaultFinding a piece of Agnès’ pendant opens up even more capabilities. You can summon friends to aid you in battle. You have to first register your mate in your 3DS. You can also summon in guest players as well.

For all of these reasons and the fact that Silicon Studio has included the chain-battle option, you can continue to fight random enemies one after another for increased rewards, End Layer is a step above Bravely Default in every way. It has a great sense of humour, some unique twists throughout and will put the skills of even the most die-hard RPG player to the test.

Ratchet and CrankBravely Second: End Layer
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Silicon Studio
ESRB Rating: Teen

Official Site:

Rating: 8 / 10

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