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G4TV Gaming News: Minecraft, Secret Life of Pets, Grand Theft Auto, VR conference

June 22, 2016

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Gaming NewsPower Play comes to Grand Theft Auto V

Power ups have come to GTA.

In Power Play, a new GTA Online Adversary Mode, you will fight for power-ups littered across the city.

Some of the power-ups allow you to transform into a Beast, slow down time for all players, dull enemy's senses, unleash increased team damage and invert your foes camera controls.

There are also three new maps: Aircraft Carrier, Vespucci Beach, and Bolingbroke Prison.

"Layers of strategy exist through stacking power-ups with other teammates or triggering power-ups to counteract enemy team advantages," stated Rockstar.

Until June 27th, Rockstar is celebrating the release with double GTA$ and RP.

Gaming NewsMinecraft comes to Wii U

All of that digging, crafting and zombie attacks have finally come to the Wii U.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition has hit stores for $29.99.

The retail version comes with the Nintendo eShop version of the game as well as these bonuses:

Super Mario Mash-Up Pack
Battle & Beasts Skin Pack
Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
Natural Texture Packs
City Texture Packs
Fantasy Texture Pack
Festive Mash-up

The Mario pack allows transform the game’s characters into Mario, Luigi, Princess, Wario and all seven Koopalings.

Gaming NewsPlayers can also create Super Mario-themed locations.

Minecraft Battle arrives on Xbox One

Are you a master swordsman? A dead-shot with a bow? A demolitions expert? A fisherperson with an unusual lust for vengeance? Then, sharpen those tools of destruction and strap on your toughest enchanted helm: it’s time to duel as Minecraft Battle has come to Xbox One.

In three spectacular-looking arenas, players can do battle, fight for resources and work to survive in this new and free Minecraft mini-game.

Microsoft plans on releasing new map packs at a later date for $2.99.

Gaming NewsSecret Life of Pets released on mobile devices

Get those scratch pads and chew toys ready as it is time to be a pet.

Just ahead of the July 8th release in theatres, The Secret Life of Pets game is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Players team up with Max and his pals for an adventure in New York City. In the Big Apple, Max revealing new puzzles, pets and moments, get to chase away pesky squirrels with Mel or dig up bones for Duke.

Make the perfect match and unlock secret pet moments including releasing a flock of helpful Parakeets or trigger an exciting tile-exploding Rainbow Ball.

Gaming NewsVirtual Reality Developers Conference announces standalone event

Taking place November 2-3 in the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, CA, the Virtual Reality Developers Conference will be the organizations first standalone event.

The two-day event will bring together designers, programmers, business professionals, producers, artists, and audio practitioners to share best practices, demo new technology, create new business partnerships, and exchange ideas with innovators shaping the industry.

VRDC's second edition will expand to cover virtual and augmented reality in games, entertainment, brand experience, and a wide range of innovative use cases. Sessions from NASA and Chernobyl VR Project have been confirmed, reflecting the event's broad scope and top tier content.

John Powell
Freelance Journalist (Entertainment, Gaming)
Twitter: @POW2112

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