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10 Essential Pokemon Go Tips

July 27, 2016

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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PokemonPokemon Go has become a summer sensation and a casual gaming phenomenon. Much of the game’s intricacies though are not fully detailed. Some are mysteries waiting to be discovered and some are trial and error. Below we present some tricks and tips that might come in handy when you are trying to catch ‘em all.

1. To catch Pokemon easier turn off the AR (augmented reality) function. Pokemon will shift around less making them better targets.

2. High level Pokemon can be troublesome. To better your chances of catching them feed them Razz Berries and use Great, Ultra Balls.

3. If you just want to catch Pokemon and have no interest in battling at present throw away all of your healing and revive potions as you won’t be needing them. You will collect more and they take up valuable item space.

Pokemon4. To boost your experience faster, grind and grind often. Capture multiple low-level Pokemon and wait until you have enough Candy to execute multiple evolutions simultaneously.

5. Some people aren’t aware of this but below the bio of your Pokemon is a Transfer button. You use the Transfer button to send that Pokemon off to Professor Oak so you can build up and store Candy to power up your Pokemon or evolve them. Once they are sent to Professor Oak they are history so choose wisely.

6. To increase the chances of evolving an Eevee the way you want it to, you have to rename it. If you name it Sparky it becomes an Jolteon, which is an electric Pokemon. Naming it Pyro turns into a Flareon, a fire Pokemon. Naming it Rainer turns into Vaporean, a water-based Pokemon.

Pokemon7. Time matters. There are certain Pokemon who roam about during the day and others who are more frequently found at night.

8. Location matters. More water Pokemon are found by lakes and rivers, etc.

9. Evolve Pokemon first then power them up. It is wiser to use Stardust on evolved Pokemon. If you evolve your Pokemon while using a Lucky Egg you will gain far more experience.

10. Want to delete your account? Deleting the app won’t suffice. You have to go to the Niantic site and submit a deletion request.

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