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Titanfall 2, the sleeper hit of 2016

Novemeber 2, 2016

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Titanfall 2There is nothing better than smashing anything and everything with giant robots, including other giant robots. The Titanfall franchise is back with a sequel that far exceeds the original in every conceivable way.

In the campaign, we play as Jack Cooper, a Militia rifleman who yearns to be a Titan Pilot as the war between the Militia and the IMC rages on. During a planetary offensive, Cooper’s mentor is killed and leaves his Vanguard-class Atlas Titan to Cooper so he can continue the fight, live out his dream of being a Pilot and stay alive to fight another day, to take back and escape the planet.

The planet Typhon itself is littered with malicious IMC troops and some very nasty residents as well. Things really flip into high gear once you acquire enough power cells to power up the Titan. The relationship between man and machine is reminiscent of the movie The Iron Giant in many ways; with both relying so much on each other just to survive the challenges that lie before them.

Titanfall 2There is not much to the villains though. They are your generic baddies full of blood thirst and bravado. That is not to say the plot itself is weak, it isn’t, it is just it could do with a little more structure and a little more protein on them bones. It is good but could’ve been great.

There are some truly hair-raising and pulse-pounding moments, where you bound through an explosion, leaping from chunk of wreckage to chunk of wreckage and with the ability to swap between Titans at any time to deal with any situation, brings in a whole other level of strategy and gameplay that wasn’t present in the first installment.

All in all, there are six Titans you can command, each with different load-outs and strengths, weaknesses. My favourite was the Ronin, the sleek, swift, Voltron-like mech. He’s just too cool.

Titanfall 2The multiplayer has seven modes and is a substantial upgrade from the first game. The modes include everything from pilots versus pilots to capture the flag to titans versus titans to Team Deathmatch. Any way you want to play, there is a mode just waiting for you. With more maps than the beta, the multiplayer may be the best since the Halo series.

With the campaign alone being worth the price of purchase, Titanfall 2 is indeed the assured sleeper hit of 2016. One of the most original and fast-paced first person shooters in some time, Titanfall 2 boldly builds upon the original’s firm foundation, expanding and improving every aspect.

Titanfall 2Titanfall 2
Format: PS4
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
ESRB Rating: M for Mature

Official Site:

Rating: 9 / 10

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